Since ~1600: Koreans start piracy against the Nipponese traders.

In the SE Asian states, who are kept in peace with each other by Hong troops and diplomacy, old tensions start to flare up occasionally.

1604 (3301, Yang Wood Dragon): Vijayanagar allies with China against Arabs, Persians, Deccan sultanate.

1611 (3308, Yin Metal Pig): One high official of the Hong killed on Sulu. The emperor orders a harsh punishment of the rebels. This leads to prolonged anti-Chinese uprising among the Muslims there.

1612: Traders from the sultanate of Brunei discover OTL Australia, aren't interested either.

1617 (3314, Yin Fire Snake): Novorossiya pays a symbolic tribute to the Hong emperor, is acknowledged by China.

1620s: Uprisings of the native Atayal and Bunun tribes on Tungning (OTL Taiwan) against Hong rule.

1620: First French ship (coming from Suez) arrives in India. The Seljuk presence in the Indian Ocean makes things too dangerous for trade yet.

1626: Scandinavians from Australia (OTL South Africa!) reach India.

1630s: Swedes visit and learn about the various kingdoms in SE Asia and the Indies.

1631 (3328, Yin Metal Sheep): Thai king protests against the Hong trying to influence internal politics in Ayutthaya.

1638 (3335, Yang Earth Tiger): Pegu (Southern Burma) ruler starts an intrigue at the Hong court against Ayutthaya, gaining the emperor's favor. Pegu annexes a border province some years later.

1642 (3339, Yang Water Horse): Nipponese clash with Russians on Ezo (Hokkaido).

Great flood in Kaifeng, Henan Province results in more than 300,000 casualties.

1648: French traders arrive in Vijayanagar, find out to their surprise that Sweden was there before them.

1649 (3346, Yin Earth Ox): Swedish traders arrive in Canton.

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East Asia 1550-1600

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East Asia 1650-1675

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