Since 1550: Burma suffers under a decline in trading.

1553 (3250, Yin Water Ox): Hong Empire forges a formal military alliance with its SE Asian client kingdoms, directed against Bengal and other possible enemies.

1561: On Mindanao, Muslim preachers start to criticize the arriving Han disturbing their society and the Hong emperor being overlord of the sultan.

1564: Tibetan exilees arrive in Bhutan, unite the country for the first time.

1566 (3263, Yang Fire Tiger): Earthquake of Shaanxi, killing almost a million people.

1569-88: Conquest of the Delhi Sultanate by Persia.

1570: Nipponese ships trading with Java discover the North coast of Antipodia (OTL Australia), but aren't interested in this land, like the Chinese and Javans who came before them.

Since 1575: Arab piracy makes the Indian trade less profitable, Chinese start to avoid these seas.

The Vietnamese population has grown, but they can't push into the Champa and Khmer lands. Vietnamese start to emigrate to the Philippines.

1584 (3281, Yang Wood Monkey): Hong emperor sends troops to Mindanao to put the Muslims back. Chinese soldiers stay on Mindanao to watch the Muslims.

1586: Volcano Kelut on Java erupts, killing ~10,000 people.

1594 (3291, Yang Wood Horse): The harbors of SE Asia are closed for Seljuk ships, so the Nipponese can fill this gap too.

Since 1600: Mataram on Java starts to rise its head against the until then dominating but now stagnating Majapahit.

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East Asia 1500-1550

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East Asia 1600-1650

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