1352 (3049, Yang Water Dragon): Black Death hits Dali in SW China.

1353-59 (3050, Yin Water Snake / 3056, Yin Earth Pig): Black Death sweeps through North China.

1355: Pagan empire struck by Black Death.

1355/56 (3052, Yin Wood Sheep / 3053, Yang Fire Monkey): Hong emperor strikes against Yangtse kingdom, divides it in two, then makes peace.

1357-60 (3054, Yin Fire Chicken / 3057, Yang Metal Rat): Hong emperor makes war against South Chinese coast kingdom, conquers Wengzhou, thereby dividing his strongest two enemies.

1358 (3055, Yang Earth Dog): Jin China demands from Hong emperor to pay tribute. He gives in, for the moment.

Black Death reaches Annam.

1360: Khmer hit by Black Death.

1362: Black Death in Goryeo.

1362-66 (3059, Yang Water Tiger / 3063, Yang Fire Horse): Hong emperor conquers upper Yangtse kingdom, Szechuan kingdom and Dali kingdom (the latter one wasn't Chinese yet).

1363: Lao kingdom of Lan Xang or Lan Ch'ang established.

1363/64: Black Death brought to Nippon by ships.

1364: Death of Gajah Mada, who reigned as Majapahit's prime minister since 1331. Under his government, Majapahit extended over most of OTL Indonesia's territory.

1365-71: Black Death sweeps through Sultanate of Delhi.

1366: Srivijaya conquered by Majapahit.

1367 (3064, Yin Fire Sheep): Border war of Hong and Pagan; the first ones are victorious, Pagan has to give conquered Chinese lands back and has to pay tribute.

1369 (3066, Yin Earth Chicken): Lower Yangtse kingdom conquered by Hong.

In Goryeo, the king gets rid of the Choe family that was the real power behind the throne for more than a century.

1370: Nipponese Emperor breaks free from the Hōjō Shogun, Muromachi time ends. Soon however, the Hatti family takes the post of Shogun and the power again.

1371-75 (3068, Yin Metal Pig / 3072, Yin Wood Rabbit): Hong emperor makes war against South Chinese coast kingdom. At first, the war is lead by land, but since the army of Hong isn't making progress fast enough, Hong starts to build a fleet of cannon-armed junks which bombard Canton and other cities. South China is united again.

1372-75: Various South Indian states are struck by the Black Death.

1376 (3073, Yang Fire Dragon): Annam becomes a Hong tributary. Champa throws off Annam's influence.

1379: When Khmer try to subjugate Lan Xang again, the Laots ask Hong China for help. Khmer empire has to back off.

1380: Nepal united for the first time.

1381 (3078, Yin Metal Chicken): Hong China stops paying tribute to the Jin. A new war starts. It proves now, however, that Jin China, although it seemed to be strong on the outside, it depends too much on mercenaries.

1382: In Thailand, Sukhothai has to submit to Ayutthaya.

1384 (3081, Yang Wood Rat): Hong emperor makes peace because unrest in Szechuan, southern provinces demand his undivided attention. Jin China cedes Kaifeng, Luoyang.

1385 (3082, Yin Wood Ox): First campaign against Japanese pirates around Tungning (OTL Taiwan).

Hong China and Annam make Champa a tributary again.

1387 (3084, Yin Fire Rabbit): War between Hong and Jin starts again.

1390: First war of the many that will follow between Ayutthaya and Khmer.

Goryeo enters the war on Hong China's side against Jin.

1392 (3089, Yang Water Monkey): Hong conquers Beijing, Jin empire destroyed. The surviving Jin leaders are decapitated. The emperor decides that the Great Wall is to be repaired and extended.

1394 (3091, Yang Wood Dog): Hong emperor destroys Nipponese pirates, sends his ships to Nippon, which has to give him proper respect. This is the first of many journeys his ships will make, to show the world that China is united and strong again.

Ryukyu Islands annexed by China.

~1400: Melaka (OTL Malacca) founded.

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Earlier in time:

East Asia 1300-1350

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Later in time:

East Asia 1400-1450

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