Since 1300 (2997, Yang Metal Rat): Growing Nipponese piracy greatly hurts extern trade of Song China.

before 1300-30: Sultans of Delhi invade and annex Gujarat and parts of the Deccan (South India).

1301 (2998, Yin Metal Ox): Famine in Song China kills several million people.

1306 (3003, Yang Fire Horse): After the Song government fails to pay the officials in some provinces, the unrest grows. People more and more agree that the emperor lost the Mandate of Heaven. In this year, the rebellions start with Szechuan seceding from the empire, becoming an independent kingdom.

1309 (3006, Yin Earth Chicken): All of South China in unrest. The emperor is killed in the chaos. Jin China also uses the opportunity to plunder and annex parts of the Yangtse area. Many wars and revolts shake up South China for some time.

1310: The Vietnamese king Tran Anh Tong defeats Champa (South Vietnam) and makes it a vassal.

1311: Hojo Sadatoki dies. He's the last recognizable member of the Hojo ITTL, who're the real power in Nippon behind the powerless shogun.

1317: Rama Khamheng destroys Khmer Empire.

~1320: Sukhothai in North Thailand starts to break apart.

1330 (3027, Yang Metal Horse): After the dust has settled in China, the so-called Four Kingdoms have formed: Szechuan, one kingdom of the coastal areas, one kingdom along the Yangtse and one kingdom in the inner parts, named after the city of Hong.

1333: Kamakura peroid in Japan doesn't end.

1336: Mujahid Sultanate in the Deccan founded by a Turkish governor named Mohammed Mujahid Shah, breaking away from the Delhi Sultanate.

1337 (3034, Yin Fire Ox): Outbreak of the Black Death in Hubei, China. Because there's no world-spanning Mongol Empire with no inner barriers as IOTL, which helped trade enormously, and China itself is split, it takes longer to spread.

1340 (3037, Yang Metal Dragon): Black Death spread all along the Yangtse.

1343: In South India, the Vijayanagara Empire of the Hindu is founded, as a counterpart to the Muslim states, replacing the Hoysala Empire. (Vijayanagar means "city of the victor", so it could very well appear here too, despite of butterflies.)

1344 (3041, Yang Wood Monkey): Black Death hits Hong China.

1347 (3044, Yin Fire Pig): Black Death hits the South Chinese coast kingdom.

1349 (3046, Yin Earth Ox): Black Death reaches Szechuan.

1350: Thai found empire of Ayutthaya / Ayutha.

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East Asia 1250-1300

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East Asia 1350-1400

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