1250s: Various border clashes between Choresm and the Sultanate of Delhi.

1251-68: Jatavarman Sundara in Pandyan (South India). He invades Ceylon successfully.

1253 (2950, Yin Water Ox): Kingdom of Dali in SW China survives.

1256 (2953, Yang Fire Dragon): Hsi-Hsia are incorporated into Jin China again. No Mongol conquest of Corea.

1258 (2955, Yang Earth Horse): No Mongol attack against Szechuan as OTL. The mighty Choi family continues to be the power behind the throne of Goryeo.

1259: Lanna kingdom in northern Thailand founded.

1263 (2960, Yin Water Pig): Reforms by Chancellor Jia Sidao in Song China begin. He plans to take land from all the owner of latifundiae bigger than 1/4 sq km, which the state will pay. The surplus land is supposed to become property of the state, to make up for the needed tax money. No wonder there's much resistance, which he counters with all kinds of intrigues.

1267 (2964, Yin Fire Rabbit): Some Mongols under the relatively mighty Khan Khaishan harass Jin China, without being a real danger.

1268-79: No Mongol conquest of Southern China.

1274 (2971, Yang Wood Dog): Song Emperor Duzong dies of natural causes. The new Emperor Gongdi is only five years old!

1274/81: No Mongol attack on Japan, no "divine wind" necessary. Consequences are difficult to estimate - Buddhism, especially Zen Buddhism, stays a bit weaker.

1275: Choi Hang of Goryeo dies, putting his son Choi Ui (not the same as OTL) in power behind the throne.

1277 (2974, Yin Fire Ox): The ruler of Pagan, Narathihapate feels confident in his ability to defeat the Chinese and advances into OTL today's provinces Guizhou / Guangxi. Although theoretically much weaker, he manages to make a lot of trouble for Song China. Rebellions of latifundia owners in the provinces complicate the situation even further.

1279: End of Chola Empire, taken over by Pandyas.

1280 (2977, Yang Metal Dragon): Jia Sidao toppled as chancellor and killed afterwards. The new government decides to make peace and cedes Pagan some areas along the border, to avoid paying tribute, which they could barely afford. They send the message through all provinces that Jia Sidao's planned reforms are off - and that all those who rebelled have to be killed for their disobedience against the state, which is against Confucianism. The property of the rebels is confiscated and sold, which helps the state for some years.

1283: Khmer Empire doesn't have to pay tribute to the Mongols. King Ramkhamhaeng the Great of Sukhothai (Thailand) invents the Thai alphabet.

1284/85 and 1287/88: Vietnam not attacked by Mongols under Kublai.

1287: Pagan (that's the name, not the religion!) Empire in Burma not conquered by Mongols under Kublai.

1290, September 27th (2987, Yang Metal Tiger): Earthquake in Chihli (Province Hopeh), 150,000 people killed. (Even more than IOTL, since the Mongols didn't kill half of North China's population.)

1290: Singhasari drives Srivijaya out of Java. Slave dynasty in the Delhi Sultanate overthrown by the Khilji.

~1290: No Expedition of Kublai Khan's navy to Java. Pasai in Northern Sumatra converts to Islam.

1291: Veera Ballala III comes to power in Hoysala (South India).

1292: Lanna annexes Mon kingdom of Haripunchai in NW Thailand.

1292/99: No Mongols before Delhi.

1293: Jayakatwang, a rebel from Kediri, usurps and kills Kertanagara, king of Srivijaya. Kertarajasa or Prince (Raden) Wijaya fights him.

13th century generally: Philippines experience cultural influence of Majapahit.

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