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1201/04?: Muslims start attacking Bengal, conquering it during the next decades, ending the Sena dynasty.

1203: Khmer ruler Jayavarman VIII occupies Champa (South Vietnam) and makes it a Khmer province.

1206: General Aibak takes power in the Sultanate of Delhi.

1211 (2908, Yin Metal Sheep in the Chinese Calendar): Khitan chief Yelü Liuge doesn't revolt in Liaodong, and the general (and IOTL later warlord) Puxian Wannu doesn't have to fight him.

1213 (2910, Yin Water Chicken): Northern Chinese (Jin) emperor Wányán Yongjì isn't killed, continues to reign twenty more years.

1214/15 (2911, Yang Wood Dog / 2912, Yin Wood Pig): Jin don't move their capital to Kaifeng, as they did IOTL

1216: Chola Empire in South India falls apart, later to be replaced by the Pandyan Empire.

1220: Champa regains independence.

1221: End of the Kediri kingdom in East Java, becomes part of Singhasari.

1223: Start of Japanese piracy.

1230s: Song don't cooperate with Mongols, don't win Kaifeng, Luoyang.

1232: The royal court of Goryeo stays in Songdo. In Japan, Joei Code (militarized Code of Law) is introduced.

1234 (2931, Yang Wood Horse): Goryeo creates the world's first metal-based movable type printing press. Jurchen / Jin China doesn't fall.

1235 (2932, Yin Wood Sheep): Wányán Yongjì dies, is replaced by Wányán Shouxù.

1236: Raziah / Raziyyat becomes the first female sultan in Delhi, until she is toppled and killed in 1240.

1238: Two Thai chieftains, Pho Khun Pha Muang and Pho Khun Bang Klang Hao, declare their independence from the Khmer Empire and establish a Thai-ruled kingdom.

1243-99: Jayavarman VIII in Kambuja (Cambodia). Being Hindu and radically anti-Buddhist, he is said/estimated to have destroyed 10,000 Buddha statues.

1244 (2941, Yang Wood Dragon): Jin empire demands from Hsi-Hsia to pay them tribute. When the Tangutes (who have suffered under Ogadai's attacks only a few years ago) decline, the Jin decide to make war.

1247 (2944, Yin Fire Sheep): War between Jin and Tangutes begins.

1249: Choe-U (the man behind the throne of Goryeo) dies, to be replaced by his son Choi Hang.

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