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The East African Federation is a large government consisting of former British Territories in East Africa.


(See History of the East African Federation)

International Relations

(See Geopolitics)

  • United Kingdom of Britain and Prussia: The EAF has historical ties to the British, as it was a former British colony. In the modern day, the EAF is part of the British-Prussian Commonwealth and has important trade links with Britain-Prussia, particularly as an alternative to the Ottoman Empire as a source of Oil.
  • Rhodesia: The EAF keeps cordial relations with Rhodesia, as both are part of the British-Prussian Commonwealth. However, there is little relation between the two countries beyond Rhodesia exporting foodstuffs to the southern regions of the EAF.
  • Egypt: The EAF keeps cordial relations with Egypt, as expected by its membership in the British-Prussian Commonwealth. Egypt is culturally distant, being mostly Arabic and Muslim in contrast to the EAF's African and Anglican. Egypt was given Northern Sudan in 1982 by treaty, after several failed revolutions. Egypt and the EAF are also economic rivals, especially in oil exports. This is expected to intensify when Egypt gains control of the Suez Canal in 2012.


    South Sudan
  • Kenya
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda


The EAF is officially a constitutional monarchy, with the current British-Prussian Monarch as head of state. However, in practice the Governor General acts as a de-facto leader for the country. The EAF is a true federation, consisting of its four Autonomous Regions, each of which have their own Lieutenant-Governor. However, the four territories have a single, unifying parliament, and share a military. 

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