East African Studios is a company in Puntland that produces several local films based in the Horn of Africa, It is sponsored by several companies in the Confederation of African Marxist Countries and is the largest media based industry in the Horn of Africa and is only rivaled in Africa by the Nigerian based Nollywood Pictures and a few other companies in the West African Union. It was founded in 2000 and has been one of the most successful new industries in the east of Africa. It is famed for its innovative new characters, original plot lines and retelling/embellishing the real life stories of several real life people. It has to rely on off the shelf equipment and makes use of very few special effects instead filming most of its films in the actual situation or with members of the Ethiopian army.


  • Meline Selassie

A fictional granddaughter of the Ethiopian emperor who flees to Sudan in the Ethiopian revolution and then returns after the fall of the Derg regime. She ends up working for the new Eritrean government as a secret agent in a variaty of situations from the Ethiopia/Eritrea war and the East Sudan War.

  • Alfred Nimery

The exiled cousin of the East Sudanese dictator, Nimery's character is famous for the quote "I'm Nimery, NO! Don't shoot! I'm not that one!" A humorous character, Nimery is portrayed as a man struggling between his attachment to his motherland and wanting to get back at his cousin. He spends his time working with the South Sudan government.

  • Ian Johnson

A fictional embellishment of the US army captain who led the Somali army to Puntland and then found the Italian ships. His attempted defection to the Australians is ignored and he is portrayed as a capitalist who realises the errors of his ways and now serves in the Ethiopian army.

  • Lerine Mariam

The fictional illegitimate child of Mengistu Haile Mariam Lerine is a devoted Marxist politician who works to try to cut down on corruption in the CAMC. She is based slightly on Ligan Lopez's wife Maela and is a popular character in Ethiopia due to her association with the country's leader.


  • Forward Comrades!

A fictional retelling of the Ethiopian Civil War it concentrates on the more noble aspects of the war and glorifies the acts of Ligan Lopez as a leader of the PRE and shows how the Cubans overcame there original hesitation to fight against a corrupt regime and how their Trotskyist ideals overcame the problems in Ethiopia.

  • Freedom Lovers Forward!

The first film made by East Africa Studios it tells the story of the Eritrean war of independence, like most films by East African Studios it focuses on the Marxist ideals of the revolutionaries and conveniently forgets the atrocities committed by the EPLF.

  • The Changing Mind

This tells to story of Johnson's ideological struggle when he finds out that the government he his working with is Pro-Communist and being split between his Capitalist origins and his Socialist ideals.

  • The Ghost Fleet

This tells the story of how the Puntland government found the abandoned Italian ships with the help of Johnson and Selassie. It is the highest grossing film by East Africa studios possibly because of its lack of an underlying Marxist message.

  • Viva La Revolution

This was the first ever purely fictional film made by East Africa Studios, it tells the story of how Nimery tries to start a revolution in East Sudan. It was actually filmed in East Sudan before the East Sudan War and is one of the most popular films in East Africa and South Sudan.

  • Blood Oil

This was the first non-violent film produced by East Africa Studios. It tells the story of how Lerine Mariam is involved in an international conspiracy masterminded by the Sudanese oil company Sudan Oil who had been trying to bribe Ethiopian and Puntland oficials into privatising oil wells in the countries.

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