Early of Sumatera Republic

As the Padri War began in 1803, The Netherland Began a military expedition and win several Battle, However The war is still going on until a few years later.

Later Almost a year Bonjol besieged, on December 3, 1836, Dutch troops returned to a massive attack against Fort Bonjol, as a last attempt to conquest Bonjol. This powerful attack is able to break down most of the Fort Bonjol, so it can enter the Dutch troops invaded and killed several family Tuanku Imam Bonjol. But with persistence and high morale Tribe Padri back successfully devastated the enemy so that the Dutch were expelled and forced back out of the castle by leaving a lot of casualties in each party.

Attack the bumpy and a barrage of bullets and artillery rain armed with big guns, for about 6 months, as well as infantry and cavalry continued to arrive. On August 3, 1837, led by Lieutenant Colonel Michiels as a field commander began gradually master the situation, and finally on the date of August 15, 1837, Hill Tajadi fall, and on August 16, 1837 The Netherland Surrender to Padri.

The Kingdom of Sumatera (1840-1894)


The New army of the Kingdom of Sumatera

After the victory in the War fort Bonjol, Padri Tribe began to Extend its remit to cover the whole of Sumatra on 16 April 1840. In this Time the Padri Leader announced the kingdom of Sumatera as Freedom Nation.

Kingdom became highly developed suddenly in any field, became the capital of it Padang With High-class buildings and Unik. The Kingdom of Sumatera had emerged stronger and now had a new valuable resources: cannons,Horse and Battleship.In the field of zoning, royal kingdom is divided into 15 sections that will develop into the kingdom,later Sumatera has 28 Section.

Many Years later the Kingdom began taking apart regions of Sumatra, such as Borneo, Singapore and Java of the colonial population. this of course led to Southeast Asia war between Netherland,Great Britain and Sumatera Kingdom, In the end an agreement was signed which led to parts of the region in Malaysia, Sulawesi and Maluku Also drawn into the Kingdom of Sumatera.

On January 16, 1894, the first Islamic party won the election of party Aceh, Aceh Government therefore has the right to lead and make the Kingdom of Sultan Muhammad Daud Shah became king, he wanted the name of the Sumatra replaced by Aceh large  Sultanate Kingdom, but because of the opposition of some states cause the Sumatran kingdom ended and a new era replaced as republic Sumatra.

Sumatera Republic (1894-Now)

Map of 1891 Sumatera

Sumatera in 1891 (Dark Blue)

Having established a republic Muhammad Daud Shah is still a ruler but the title was changed to sultan revoked and the President, not much progress at the time he ruled for 10 years (until 1904) until replaced Surontiko Samin Samin Party (1903-1907). 

Around 1904, the Government established the Organization with foreign countries such as China, Britain and other colonial around Asia that aims to improve the economic (Asia-Europe Economic Association), political and security (Asia defense Organization) as well. 

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