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Earth Empire
United States of Earth
Preceded by 1990 - 2000 Succeeded by
FlagoftheUnitedRepublic FlagoftheUnitedRepublic
EarthEmpireflag GreatSealoftheUnitedRepublic
Flag Great Seal
The Earth Empire at its height

Strength through Unity

Anthem: "Great Unification"
Capital: Republic City
Language: None (at national level)
Religion: None (officially)
Type of government: Absolute autocracy (de facto)
Absolute, elective dictatorship (de jure, planned)
  Great Uniter: Kuvira Laghima
Area: 85,000,000,000 km²
Population: 6 billion (at its height) 
Currency: Earth dollar (planned)
United Republic yuan
The Earth Empire, also called the United Empire , the Earth Republic, and officially the United States of Earth (or United States of Terra) was a sovereign state that covered nearly all of Eurasia and large parts of Sinica, Africa and Oceania. Declared by Kuvira Laghima in 1990, at its height, the "empire" was by far the largest state in world history, as well as the most populous one. Despite its name, the nation was not ruled by an emperor and was a nation with many political freedoms and a paragon of human rights. The nation was the closest thing to a world state in human history.

The state was intended to govern the entire world, but ultimately Kuvira surrendered herself after coming to a realization. If it had been succesful, the United States of Earth, would be a world government, with a democratically elected President as its leader.

Though the Earth Empire's victory in the conquest of the world was seemingly inevitable, Laghima surrendered by her own will. Five days after the armistice, the Great Concordance was signed, returning the world to a state of peace and dissolving the Earth Empire.

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