The World is a very different place in the Ancient and the New. The Story is told from the point of view of someone in the year 700 A.D. Some areas of the globe (notably the Mediterranean lands, the Middle East, and China) are industrialized to the point that there technology is equivalent to that of the OTL 1940s. Other areas of the globe (Mexico, India, and Central Asia) contain nations that are rapidly developing to catch up with the Industrial world. Other kingdoms (in Northern Europa, East Africa, Peru,Tibet, and South-East Asia) have pre-industrial kingdoms in Ancient and Medieval eras. Despite some societies being far more advanced in this ATL than they were in OTL, the rest of the world (Most of the Americas, almost all of Africa, Australia, and Siberia) is in the exact same series of small tribes that it was in 700 AD in OTL. As such, people are more aware of diversity than in our world, yet they are just as bigoted and intolerant. Things such as sexism, discrimination, and environmental destruction on not even recognized topics, though they still occur.

*Note, this timeline is not supposed to be better or worse than our world. Its just different.


Language and Religious diversity are far higher in this world than they are in ours. Most people believe in many gods, and many beliefs are so fluid that it is hard to even define them as religions. Some people though, practise monotheistic religions such as Christianity or Judaism. There is no Islam in this world. Greek priests have created a single religion in which the Zoarastrian, Handi (Hindu), Gnostic, AEgyptian, and Roman gods are just different forms of the Greek Gods. This religion, called Olympianism is headed by the Oracle of Delphi. Most people of the civilized world, west of the Himalayas follow their own version of this religion. Most people speak at least two languages (a state language, and a local one). Most people lack a concept of ethnicity, and instead speak of tribes, barbarian or civilized. You do not need to be born into a tribe to be part of it (immigration exists).

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