The Earth seen from Apollo 17
Galaxy Milky Way
Planetary System {{{Planetary sytem}}}
Suns 1:Solis "The Sun"
Moons 1:Luna "The Moon"
Rotation period 24 standard hours
Diameter 12,756 km
Primary terrain Oceans, grasslands, cities
Atmosphere Breathable
Native species Humans


Immigrated species None
Government Various
Language Various, English, Chinese.
Population Seven billion
Capital None, New York (commonly accepted)
Affiliation Humanity
“One of the last inhabited planets untouched by intergalactic war, maybe it should remain like this...”
~ Sylvia Valorum
Terra, also known as Earth to humans native to the planet is one of the home worlds of Humans, a planet in the Solaria System in the Milky Way. Earth is relatively primitive compared to the Intergalactic standard.

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