Earpieces first became common in the early 1990s and were particularly popular with businesswomen. They were also used by the army and police. However from 1997 onward, the popularity of earpieces increased -  especially among young people.


Year Number of people who said they wore earpieces daily in US
1994 56,000
1995 231,940
1996 501,989
1997 1,830,011
1998 7,548,410
1999 14


There are several different types of earpieces.

Lucy Saunders

American Lucy Saunders became the first person to have an earpiece implant

The first earpiece implant was carried out on July 20th 1996 in the Cybex International clinic in Los Angeles. By the end of the year 57 of these procedures had been carried out. The first procedure involved small earpieces being implanted into each ear, these were in reality just earpieces that couldn't be removed and carried out no special functions, this was known as the Eplant1 Procedure. The popularity of the procedure dwindled among many and all of the first 3000 people to have the procedure done were women. However from the turn of the century onward, the number of Eplant1 procedures increased rapidly. When celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Jenni Smith and President Sarah Palin had the procedure done that sales really increased. By 2006 the procedure was so popular that a waiting list had to be imposed. All the rich and famous and generally anyone who was anyone had the procedure done. Most customers were from the US as that was the only country where Cybex operated. However, many rich Europeans made the journey. Cybex would only employ people that had implants. Along with many major US companies, those people who couldn't afford implants were soon to be allowed them when in October 2008 President Palin announced that all US citizens without

Then actress Scarlett Johansson was one of the first celebrities to have earpiece implants, her decision to have them and subsequent advertising campaigns are hailed as a great turn in popularity

implants would have them with the help of a government loan. This policy continued under President Johansson. However still by the end of 2008 only 1/5 of Americans had earpiece implants, more clinics were built in the east coast and a huge public advertising campaign soon assured that in only two years all Americans would be fitted with earpiece implants. But there were still some people who refused the procedure, and in early 2010 President Johansson announced that these people would be expelled.
Year Number of procedures carried out in US Total number of people with earpiece implants
1996 58 58
1997 284 342
1998 1,890 2,232
1999 19,340 21,572
2000 52,925 74,497
2001 199,932 274,429
2002 502,173 776,602
2003 771,931 1,548,533
2004 939,552 2,488,085
2005 3,390,889 5,878,974
2006 11,973,382 17,852,356
2007 19,750,918 37,603,274
2008 63,372,017 100,975,291
2009 103,767,000 204,742,291
2010 312,803,669 517,545,960

However in June 2009, this was taken one step farther. This involved the extraction of the inner ear area and its replacement with artificial replicures, then a biological adapter allowed the earpiece to effectively be implanted into the brain. This device effectively harnessed the power of the human brain as a computer and allowed extra memory to be downloaded into the brain.

Megan Dale was the first patient and by January 2011 all MkI earpiece implants had been upgraded to Mk2.
Megan Dale

Megan Dale shows off her new Earpiece Implants, Megan was effectively the first Human to be fitted with Cyborg technology

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