9th century Albion

Earnwine's realm at his death

was King of the Bernicians from 717 to 745. The son of Eadwulf , he was acclaimed king on the royal stone of Bamburgh after his father's death in battle against the Picts. Soon after, he returned north to resume the Pictish campaign, at the end of which he captured Forfar, capital of Fortriu, and forced King Oengus to accept his suzerainty.

In 721 he fought against the rebellious Britons of Strathclyde, who had been subjugated a generation before. After sacking Alt Clut and perpetrating many massacres across the region, he forced the English language and culture onto the survivors, beginning their assimilation into wider Bernician society.

From 722 to 738 he fought a series of wars against Powys, Gwynedd and Ebrauc, sparked by his attempted reconquest of Caerbrauc. Instead, the Britons of the south united against him and fought back. Although he lost parts of Rheged and Dunutinga, he was able to preserve the remainder of his realm intact after suing for peace and agreeing to pay tribute.

Earnwine died in 745 and was succeeded by his son Æthelred.

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