Early Peace is a Timeline which explores....


It's 610 CE and Heraclius, an Armenian, revolts against Phocus and kills him, crowning himself Emperor of the Byzantine Empire. He tries to negotiate peace with Khosrau II by sending diplomats to his court. OTL, Khosrau II rejected their offer. What if Khosrau II had accepted their offer? The Byzantines wouldn't have had a resurgence in the war and the Sassanids would've had time to put the nations into sorts before the coming of the Arabs.

Let's see one possible hypothesis for what would've happened.

Point of Divergence

Khosrau II accepting Heraclius' peace offer compared to OTL where Khosrau II declined the peace offer.



In OTL, Khosrau II declined Heraclius' peace offer, leading to the resurgence in the Byzantines' war effort and the Sassanid's eventual defeat in the war.


In ATL, Khosrau II accepts Heraclius' peace offer, saving the Sassanids from the defeat and Khosrau II's death.

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