In OTL many nations visited the Americas before before Christopher Columbus. Though proven to be true, some are believed to be false. This timeline explores if those countries started colonial empires in America before Christopher Columbus. Welcome to Early Colonization.

Map of world (EC)

Map of the world at 1753, the eve of the Fourth Colonial War. Brown is Scandinavian Colonies, Green is Celtic Union, Pink is disputed, Black is Russian, Orange is Spanish, Red is Orange, Blue-Green is Welsh, Yellow is Chinese, Purple is the Mayan Empire, Light Purple is Phoenicia, Light green is Polynesian, Dark Blue is French, and Light Blue is Norman.

Map of the world (EC)

Map of the world in 2010.

Present Day

In the present day, Virginia and China are locked in a Cold War for global supremacy, the world carved into alliances with one of the two powers. Proxy wars between the powers destroyed parts of the world. Europe is faring no better. The Celtic and the British are still in their decades old struggle. The Balkans are tasked with rebuilding after the Yugoslavia War. In Asia: Russia, Siberia, and Turkestan are facing each other across the border, each a puppet state of major power. The South Brendanians are faced with economic decline following the devastating war. But perhaps not all is dark in this world. The African Union is helping the continent in making great strides toward prosperity.



Colonization of the Brendanias

List of Wars


Colonial Wars

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