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World Map 2011 (Early American Civil War).

1855. In the United States the Bleeding Kansas Crisis has grown out of control. Federal troops are being called in to keep the peace between slave owners and non-slave owners, militias battle each other in an all out guerrilla war. Southern Congressmen believe that their interests in Kansas are not being protected fairly by the federal troops and request more Southern regiments be brought up. Northern Congressmen evade the question and send several more Northern regiments to help police the state. Congressmen from South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, and Kentucky meet in secret, in Charleston South Carolina, they sign a declaration forming the Army of the South. The Army of the South is an exclusively southern controlled military formed to defend southern interests. It is deployed to Kansas nearly two months later a brief skirmish between Federal troops and AOS leads to the deaths of twenty-five men. Federal Troops are ordered to rout out the AOS and disarm them. The AOS fights back leading to the first actual battle of the Civil War the Battle of Mid-Kansas claims the lives of 900 federal soldiers and 800 AO..S. Recruitment for the AOS starts to grow and angry words are exchanged on the floors of Congress.

1856. After nearly a year of warfare in Kansas the battle spills over into Missouri the AOS is driven from Kansas retreating to Southern Missouri. Federal Troops attempting to enter the Indian territories are blocked by a unified tribal army swearing to defend their territory and to help the AOS. Fearing their entry into the war the Federal army retreats. Federal Troops attempt an invasion of southern Missouri. It ends with the Battle of Polk General Robert E. Lee is named supreme commander of the A.O.S and leads reinforcements into Missouri.

1857. New Years Day the south officially succeeds from the Union forming the Confederate States of America. The Army of the South is now the official army and its name changes to reflect that. General Lee arrives in Missouri and beat the Union army at Lamar, Springfield, and Greenfield. Northern Congressmen grow weary of the war and five months later they recognize the CSA and remove their troops from southern Missouri which becomes Confederate Territory. It is renamed Leevonia and becomes a state in the CSA the same day Oklahoma joins. West Virginia breaks off from Virginia declaring itself a Northern State. The south is independent and the war is over.

1860. Jefferson Davis is elected to the presidency of the CSA and immediately makes plans to invade Mexico. Six months later Confederate troops cross the Rio Grand river starting the invasion. Mexico is unprepared and still weak from the Mexican-American war most of the border states with the exception of Sonora and the Baja peninsula fall into Confederate hands. Desperate for funds and with Confederate Troops knocking at the door the Mexican Government sells these territories to the United States the Mexican troops there swear to the U.S. The money from the U.S. Helps and they hold off the confederate soldiers for nearly seven years. While war rages in Mexico a different battle is taking place to the north. Abraham Lincoln is elected on a platform of freeing the remaining slave in the United States. He does this almost as soon as he is elected adding three new amendments to the constitution. Partially fueled by former slaves like Fredrick Douglas a civil rights movement begins. Former slaves use stories of their lives before escaping to sway white politicians into supporting them the movement grows to encompass American Indians and Mexican Americans in the three former Mexican states. Surprisingly due to the South being more aggressive towards other races and the fact that people wanted to distance themselves from the south many sign on to this movement.

1867. The remnants of the Mexican army surrender at the Battle of the Yucatan, The begins to consolidate Mexican states, and the new states of Chihuahua, Jackson, Kemper, Longstreet, Braxton, Ewell, Davis and Yucatan enter the CSA. On March 17th of this year the United States of America and the Confederate States of America hold their first talks in nearly a decade a Non-interference pact is signed by both nations this becomes known as the Washington Accords. The Remaining slaves in the United States are officially free, and there are laws in the works to make them equal citizens of the country. Meanwhile the Confederacy imposes restrictions on people of Mexican and Indian descent living in any and all Confederate territory while not making them slaves it prohibits them from having the same legal status as whites and keeps them from running for national office, Neither group is allowed to own slaves. The United States buys Alaska from the Russian Empire.

1870. In Europe, the German states begin to consolidate worried that they could pose a threat to the rest of Europe England and France sign the Paris Accords making them mutual partners in a war against the Prussians if it comes down to it. Eventually Kaiser Wilhelm sets his sights on Alsace and Loraine and starts and invasion of France. British troops are sent to aid their French allies. Fighting almost immediately bogs down on both sides and the war begins to drag on with very little being gained on either side with massive loses in manpower and resources.

In the United States Sonora, Baja and Lincoln (the southern part of Baja California) officially become States. The Confederacy begins talks about annexing Central America.

Britain signs a Three Year plan with France lending it money for its war effort thousands of Pounds are sent to France but very little is being gained in Return despite the toll it is taking on British coffers the funding continuous across the channel.

1874. Fighting in France is at an all time high British loses are very heavy and they start looking for help in their colonies India is the first colony to deny troops for the fighting instead they offer to buy their Independence. Not having much of a choice they allow this India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Burma form the Indian Alliance. Kashmir is given to Pakistan saving both nations a lot of time and lives. The Rest of England's Colonies start looking for Independence the same way soon the Republic of South Africa, the Republic of Australia, New Zealand, and The Republic of Quebec form.

South Africa takes all of England's southernmost colonies in Africa all they way up to the Congo.

Australia New Zealand and India both claim the island of New Guinea.

Quebec ends up with Newfoundland and Ontario.

The United States purchases the rest of Canada and the provinces become territories of the USA. Part of British Columbia is used to create the State of Vancouver. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick are also admitted as states.

1876. The war in Europe ends with a German victory, barely a day after this the Indian Alliance declares war on the Republic of Australia New Zealand and try to take the island of New Guinea by force. England is left licking its wounds but fortunately it makes up for the lose of its colonies by gaining a massive amount of money from each of the new governments. The French are worse off but begin to set up other more industrialized areas.

The war in New Guinea is over in less then a year. ANZ troops land on the island and successfully push out the IA troops securing all major cities and towns on the island within six months. They do run into some problems when they try to take Vanimo and Jayapura each one of these had a contingent of Gurkans in them. The Nepalese fighters impressed the ANZ troops. Eventually when the war was over they were allowed to leave peacefully and were given a grand send off.

The South African Government begins a new breading program from its Afrikaner population as well as the white British population to increase the number of people in the area of European descent. Women who have five or more children are given tax incentives. Women who have ten or more children are given preferential treatment by the government and are often considered State heroes. At the same time they keep slavery illegal yet they draw up plans to draft natives into worker programs on a yearly basis these workers would work for five years at a time and be sent back to their tribe, where they wait another five year and are collected again.


The CSA annexes all of Central America. Fearing a hostile takeover the nations of Northern South America band together and form the nation of United Colombia. This snaps up a French territory and the last remaining British colony. Together they from the Panama Line a long line of bunkers and trenches separating Central America and South America.

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