Coat Of Arms of the Earldom of Gower

Coat of Arms of the Earls of Gower

The Earls of Gower were a hang over from the previous English rule of Wales. The De La Bere family had held land and title in the Gower and during the 1st War of Independence stayed studiously neutral. With the political aftermath of the Battle of Worcester however, the Lord of Weobley, Thomas De la Bere (a nine year old youth) offered his allegiance to the Welsh Prince. As a result, Owain let the family continue to hold land and title. Under Owain V and the huge land reorganisation that occurred, the Earldom of Gower was created and the De la Bere line was given the honour of that title.

Line of Earls

  1. Map of the Earldom of Gwyr (Gower)
    Thomas De la Bere - Lord of Weobley 1397-1442 (Lord 1406-1442) (1487)
  2. John De la Bere - Lord of Weobley 1418-1454 (Lord 1442-1454)
  3. Thomas De la Bere - Lord of Weobley 1441-1497 (Lord of Weobley 1454-1487, Earl of Gower 1487-1497)
  4. Tomos De la Bere 1st Earl of Gower 1463-1534 (Earl 1497-1534)
  5. Sion De la Bere 2nd Earl of Gower 1492-1558 (Earl 1534-1558)
  6. Sion De la Bere 3rd Earl of Gower 1523-1597 (Earl 1558-1597)
  7. Tomos De la Bere son of the 3rd Earl of Gower 1549-1596
  8. Mihangel De la Bere 4th Earl of Gower 1572-1623 (Earl 1597-1623)
  9. Dewi De la Bere 5th Earl of Gower 1595-1655 (Earl 1623-1655). Married to Frances Mortimer-Grey
  10. Sion De la Bere 6th Earl of Gower 1627-1714 (Earl 1655-1714)
  11. Hywel De la Bere son of the 6th Earl of Gower 1652-1713
  12. Sion De la Bere 7th Earl of Gower 1683-1718 (Earl 1714-1718)
  13. Tomos De la Bere 8th Earl of Gower 1712-1774 - Died childless (Earl 1718-1774)
  14. Rhodri De la Bere 9th Earl of Gower 1754-1816 - Great Great Grandson of Sion, 6th Earl of Gower (Earl 1774-1816)
  15. Cystennin De la Bere 10th Earl of Gower 1780-1848 (Earl 1816-1848)
  16. Gruffyn De la Bere 11th Earl of Gower 1803-1885 (Earl 1848-1885)
  17. Idris De la Bere 12th Earl of Gower 1835-1909 (Earl 1885-1909)
  18. Deiniol De la Bere 13th Earl of Gower 1876-1928 (Earl 1909-1928)
  19. Rhydderch De la Bere 14th Earl of Gower 1908-1953 (Earl 1928-1953)
  20. Aneirin De la Bere 15th Earl of Gower 1933-1999 (Earl 1953-1999)
  21. Tomos De la Bere 16th Earl of Gower 1966- Present (Earl 1999-Present

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