In OTL World War One, when Russia invaded Austria-Hungary, they were unable to stop the invading Russian forces. Germany had to send troops to help prevent Austria-Hungary from falling to the Russians. This delayed a German attack on Russia. But what if Austria-Hungary was able to repulse the Russian forces. The Central Powers would have been able to invade Russia earlier, creating an Earlier October Revolution. Russia would have collapsed into civil war, ending most of the fighting on the Eastern Front. With this, Germany could move millions of men to the Western Front, and overrun the Allied forces there earlier, before the US could jump in and help replace lost Allied troops. With the resources that would have been gotten from the new conquered Russian lands, Germany wouldn't have to worry about the British blockade. This would have led to a new German superpower, different alliances and factions, and a different cold war.


Timeline (Earlier October Revolution)



Weaker France



United Communist States

Great Britain


Treaty of Amsterdam


Battle of Paris

Battle of Moscow

International Factions or Alliances

Central Powers

Moscow Pact

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