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Eamon Smith
1st Prime Minister of Ireland
In office
5 August 1778 – 29 December 1811
Preceded by Office established
Succeeded by Leonard Hay
Leader of the Republican Party
In office
20 January 1812 – 8 August 1823
Preceded by Office established
Succeeded by John WIlson
Deputy Leader of the Republican Party
In office
10 August 1823 – 22 May 1830
Preceded by John Wilson
Succeeded by Callum Simson
Personal details
Born Eamon Archie Peter Smith
29 January 1756
Died 1 April 1854
Political party The Republican Party
Other political
Ireland Liberation Party

Eamon Archie Peter Smith is an Irish politician and served as the first Prime Minister of Ireland after it regained full control of the north after the Anglo-Irish War. He joined the Lords Army at age 16 and his political career began in when he was 20 in 1776. He quickly rose through the ranks of the Republican Party and soon was its Deputy Leader. He was under the command of Peter Fitzgerald. After Fitzgerald stated his intention not to run for PM it was a shock and he stepped down. Smith decided to run but was challenged but the challenge was shortly dropped. He soon led the party after winning the 1778 General Election by a landslide.

Many historians credit him with helping liberating and leading the nation out of a tough time and improving and stabilising the economy. Other historians criticise him for his oppression of British sympathisers but this has never been proven.

He led the government on 6 and a half consecutive terms which is one of the longest terms in the states history. In 1808 he entered a coalition with the Progressive Republican Party. In 1811 after a lengthy dispute over the budget his coalition collapsed and the PRP pulled out. He could not form a government and announce on the 8 August 1811 the government would be dissolved. He continued as Leader of the Republican Party for another 12 years and eventually stepped down. He continued on as Deputy Leader for another 7 years before retiring aged 75.

He did maintain his position outside of politics by helping out at the Republican Party Citizens Wing by writing papers and giving speeches. He continued his work until he was aged 92 were he retired to his family home and led a private lifestyle. His last public address was in 1853 at the death of Peter Fitzgerald. Later that year he was admitted to hospital with pneumonia. He died on the 1 April 1854 of a stroke aged 98.

Early Life

Eamon Smith was born in a small cottage outside of Castlebar, Mayo to his parents Michael Smith and Annie Smith. He was the eldest of 12 children and took interest in history and politics. He was interested in how long peace had lasted between the Irish and British but longed for the North to be returned one day. His father was a member of the Ireland Liberation Party and he joined in the role when he was only 14 and attended meetings.