EHU invasion of Turkey
Night of the Living Alternate History
Part of Middle East War
Mortar attack on Shigal Tarna garrison, Kunar Province, 87
Unionist soldiers near the Turkish border
Date 1979 - Present
Location Turkey

Flag of Saudi Arabia (1934-1938)Saudi Arabia
Flag of SyriaEgypt
Flag of JordanJordan
Flag of KuwaitKuwait
Flag of LebanonLebanon
Flag of QatarQatar
Flag of SyriaSyria
Flag of the United Arab EmiratesUAE

Flag of TurkeyTurkey
  • Flag of Saudi Arabia (1934-1938)Saudi Arabia: 500,000
  • Flag of SyriaEgypt: 400,000
  • Flag of JordanJordan: 8,000
  • Flag of KuwaitKuwait: 3,000
  • Flag of LebanonLebanon: 5,000
  • Oman: 5,000
  • Flag of QatarQatar:
  • Flag of SyriaSyria: 100,000
  • Flag of the United Arab EmiratesUAE: 1,000

Total: 1,022,000

Flag of Turkey500,000

The invasion of Turkey by the Eastern Hemisphere Union, spearheaded by the Saudi Arabian land force, was the first major battle of the Middle East War. The invasion was launched after months of planning and preparation by many nations of the EHU, beginning in 1979. A EHU resolution passed in 1979 officially removed Turkey from the union, led by Saudi Arabia, who argued that Turkey had become corrupt by the west, and not looking into the union's best interests.

Over one million EHU soldiers would eventually be amassed along the 500 km southern border of Turkey, making the invasion one of the largest of its kind. The EHU relied heavily on surprise to sneak aircraft into Turkish airspace, destroying much of the valuable border defenses that would have slowed the assault. Outnumbered and overwhelmed, the approximate 500,000 Turkish defenders were eventually pushed north, inflicting many casualties on the Union personnel.

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