Dutch War of Unification

15 May 1591


17 July 1591




Dutch victory

  • Secession of the Spanish Netherlands to the United Provinces






Casualties and Losses



The Dutch War of Unification was a war between Hapsburg Spain and the United Provinces. The war was fought for the Spanish Netherlands. In a bloody war, the Netherlands were unified. This unified nation looked to North America for colonization.


There were several reasons for the war. The Netherlands declared independence following a failure in Spanish policy. This nation quickly gained naval power, which occurred because of how closely intertwined the Netherlands is with the sea. Spain gained a burning obsession to reunify the Netherlands under their yoke for a long time. This distracted them from the true issues against their empire. However, the Netherlands also wanted to unify the Netherlands under their yoke. This tussle of the two powerful nations played a big part in their foreign interests.

English Armada

The English Armada had destroyed the Spanish fleet. The ruins of the once great fleet was now no chance for the mercantile republic of the United Provinces. With the Iberian War raging in Iberia, little to no Spanish were left to fight against the Dutch. They now had an opportunity which was the best one since a very long time.


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