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In this TL Mary Stuart does not suffer a miscarriage after marrying William the 3rd. Instead she gives birth to a live if unhealthy child called William. Therefore upon the death of his father William the 4th becomes king of Great Britain and Stadholder of the United Provinces (After overthrowing Regent John William Friso). However, the crowns are not yet united as William the 4th is determined to keep the two nations separate, controlling the United Provinces himself while leaving his wife Amelia to act as Queen of Great Britain.

This tradition is continued by his descendants before William the 6th chooses to unite the two nations with the Anglo-Dutch colonies in North America, creating the Anglo-Dutch Empire. Welcome to the world of the Dutch Superpower.


News Headlines

  • September 29, 2010, Anglo-Dutch forces hand over to South African Provisional Government: CAPE TOWN, South Africa (UK) - Despite continuing violence in South Africa the UK has handed over Cape Town to the SAP. This marks the first stage in a long awaited process as Union forces have finally granted self-rule to an area of South Africa.
  • September 23, 2010, Anglo-Dutch forces prepare to hand over to South African Provisional Government: CAPE TOWN, South Africa (UK) - The Anglo-Dutch union has made preparations to hand over control to the South African Provisional Government after nearly forty years of direct Union control. The country has been under control by the Union since the late 20th century when they were forced to intervene to prevent racial violence.
  • September 5, 2010, Terrorist attack kills eight soldiers: BANDA ACEH, East Indies Military Administration - Terrorists have attacked an Anglo-Dutch military base in the East Indies. Dutch and English soldiers have been under almost constant attack by Aceh militants since the Aceh provisional government declared its independence from Indonesia.

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