Dutch Remnant Federation of South Africa, Goa, and New Zeeland
Restant van de Nederlandse Federatie van Zuid-Afrika, Goa en Nieuw-Zeeland
Timeline: Game of Nations

OTL equivalent: South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Botswana, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, Southern Mozambique, Namibia, part of Western India, and New Zealand
Flag of the Netherlands Royal Arms of the Netherlands
Flag Coat of Arms

Ik zal handhaven (Dutch)
("I Will Uphold")

Anthem "Wilhelmus"
Capital Johannesburg (This is the Judicial Capital), Goa (This is the Legislative Capital), Williamville (OTL Wellington, this is Executive), Kaapstad (OTL Cape Town, this is the Archival Capital
Largest city Goa
Other cities New Rotterdam (OTL Walvis Bay), Port Maurice, East Amsterdam (OTL East London), Windhoek, Wilhelm (OTL Kimberly), Bloemfontein, New Hague (OTL Salisbury/Harare), Johannesburg, Natalia City (OTL Durban), Pretoria, Chirststad (OTL Christchurch
Language Dutch, KwaZulu, Hindu
92.6% Christian
  others Atheist, Folk Religion, Hinduis,(mainly blacks)
Ethnic Group Dutch/Germanic, Indian (majority after years of racial genocide)
Demonym Dutch
Government White Supremacist Republic
  legislature Dutch Parliament based in Goa ensures the huge population of the Goa colony massive representation in Parliament despite being the non-white, this also keeps the Indians from uprising
Current Prime Minister Eugene Terre'Blanche
Vice Prime Minister Frederich Van Klop
Area all of Southern Africa, a part of India, and New Zealand feet
Population 155,710,039 est. 2016 
Currency Dutch guilder

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