The Dutch Empire

The Dutch Empire is a giant empire, they're famous for being the first country to conquer Russia and being the first to conquer a whole continent (Africa).

The Dutch Empire
Rijk der Nederlanden
OTL equivalent: None
Flag of dutch language in eu by hosmich-d6jx3jq Dikkevettecoa
Flag of The Dutch Empire (current) Coat of Arms (since 1432)

"Vincit mundum" (Latin)
("Conquer the world")

Anthem "Wilhelmus"
Capital Amsterdam
Largest city Shanghai
  others English
Demonym Dutch
Government Constitutial monarchy
  legislature Staten-Generaal
Emperor Alexander III
President Filip de Jong
Speaker Iris Janssen
Established February 19, 1805
Currency Gulden
Calling Code +31
Internet TLD .nl

Habsburg Netherlands
Habsburgse Nederlanden
OTL equivalent: Benelux
Flag of Cross of Burgundy Coat of Arms of Philip IV of Burgundy
Flag of The Habsburg Netherlands Coat of Arms of The Habsburg Netherlands
Spanish Netherlands
Location of Habsburg Netherlands

"Eendracht maakt kracht" (Dutch)
("Unity makes strength")

(and largest city)
  others French, Low Saxon, Frisian, Walloon, Luxembourgish
Demonym Dutch
Government Absolute monarchy
(Dead) Duke of Burgundy
King Jan the First
Established March 12, 1432

Kingdom of The Netherlands
Koninkrijk der Nederlanden
OTL equivalent: Benelux and Germany
Profielfotoyoutube Coat of arms of the republic of the united Netherlands (after 1665)
Flag Coat of Arms

"Eendracht maakt kracht" (Dutch)
("Unity makes strenght")

Anthem "Wilhelmus"
Capital Amsterdam
Largest city Berlin
  others German, Zeelandic, West Flamish, Low Saxon, Frisian, French
Demonym Dutch
Government Absolute monarchy
King Jan the First (1433-1478)

Jan II (1478-1552) Jan III (1552-1630) Willem I (1630-1708) Jan V (1708-1776) Alexander I (1776-1792) Alexander II (1792-1805)

Established November 6, 1433
Currency Gulden


March 12, 1432 Habsburg Netherlands formed (a bit earlier than real timeline)

April 4, 1432 The Duke of Burgundy dies unexpected. Power is now in hands of King Jan the First.

May 7, 1432 King Jan the First declares war on the German states of Niedersachsen and Bremen

August 21, 1432 Niedersachsen and Bremen are now controlled by King Jan the First

September 24, 1432 King Jan the First declares war on the German states of Nordrhein-Westfalen and Hessen

December 31, 1432  Battle of Bonn


March 18, 1433 Batlle of Bonn ends, Habsburg Netherlands annexes Nordrhein-Westfalen

April 14, 1433 Battle of Frankfurt

June 2, 1433 Battle of Frankfurt ends, Habsburg Netherlands annexes Hessen

July 27, 1433 King Jan the First declares war on the German states of Saarland and Rhineland-Pfalz

July 27, 1433 Saarland capitulates

September 8, 1433 Battle of Mainz

November 4, 1433 Battle of Mainz ends, Habsburg Netherlands annexes Rhineland-Pfalz

November 6, 1433 Habsburg Netherlands changes its name into Kingdom of The Netherlands


Februari 19, 1439 After building up its army, The Kingdom of The Netherlands declares war on all remaining German states

March 4, 1439 Battle of Magdeburg

March 21, 1439 Battle of Magdeburg ends, Saxony-Anhalt capitulates

March 24, 1439 Battle of Stuttgart

March 29, 1439 Baden-Wurtemmberg capitulates when Stuttgart's eastern defense lines are breached.

May 4, 1439 The Big Battle of Berlin

July 17, 1439 Berlin's western defense lines are breached

September 23, 1439 Berlin is conquered, Germany capitulates.


January 9, 1521 After a long time, The Kingdom of The Netherlands declares war again. This time on France

August 21, 1521 French defense lines around the province of Belgium are breached

October 14, 1521 Battle of Paris


February 7, 1524 Battle of Paris ends, The Kingdom of The Netherlands pushes south in the now heavily weakened France.

May 2, 1524 Brittany is reached. Battle with French 2nd Artillery Division

August 9, 1524 France capitulates after Limousin defense lines are breached


January 17, 1789 After an even longer time, The Kingdom of The Netherlands is back. It declares war on Czechoslovakia and Austro-Hungary

October 29, 1789 Vienna is captured, Austro-Hungary capitulates


June 12, 1792 Czechoslovakia capitulates


April 2, 1803 After restoring its armies, The Kingdom of The Netherlands declares war on Russia.

May 22, 1803 Battle of Moscow

June 17, 1803 Battle of Moscow ends, The Kingdom of The Netherlands keeps pushing east

August 1, 1803 The European part of Russia is in hands of The Kingdom

December 7, 1803 Winter kicks in, Dutch troops don't have any trouble with the winter because of their frequent trainings in Alaska (in this timeline already owned by US)


February 19, 1805 The Kingdom of The Netherlands is the first country to conquer Russia.

February 19, 1805 The Kingdom of The Netherlands changes its name into Dutch Empire


First World War never happens


Second World War never hapens


January 1, 1947 After 142 years,The Dutch Empire declares war again. On The Ottoman Empire (it still exist because there was no WW1)

April 28, 1947 Battle of Istanbul

October 7, 1947 Battle of Istanbul ends, Ottoman Empire is annexed by The Dutch Empire


On their path to world domination, The Dutch Empire starts colonizing in Africa. Yes, they didn't have any colonies until 1950

January 26, 1950 Troops enter Madagascar

January 28, 1950 Madagascar annexed

February 3, 1950 Troops enter South-Africa

February 4, 1950 South Africa annexed

February 7, 1950 Troops enter Namibia and Mozambique

February 9, 1950 Namibia and Mozabique annexed

February 12, 1950 Troops enter Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Lesotho and Swaziland

February 16, 1950 Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Lesotho and Swaziland annexed

February 19, 1950 Troops enter Angola, Zambia and Tanzania

February 21, 1950 Angola, Zambia and Tanzania annexed

February 24,1950 Troops enter Democratic Republic of Congo

February 28, 1950 Democratic Republic of Congo annexed

March 1,1950 Troops enter Rwanda and Burundi

March 2, 1950 Rwanda and Burundi annexed

March 7, 1950 The Dutch Empire declares war on UK

August 19, 1950 Battle of London


March 4, 1951 London captured, UK capitulates

May 1,1951 The Dutch Empire declares war on the rest of Africa and Spain

May 9,1951 Dutch troops enter Sahara region

June 17, 1951 All of Africa annexed, Battle of Madrid


January 14, 1952 Madrid captured, Spain capitulates

March 19,1952 The Dutch Empire declares war on Portugal

July 19, 1952 Battle of Lisbon

December 24, 1952 Lisbon captured, Portugal capitulates

Dutchempire 1952

Dutch Empire (December 25, 1952)


January 1, 1960 Dutch Empire declares war on Denmark

February 3, 1960 Battle of Kopenhagen

March 7, 1960 Battle of Kopenhagen ends, Denmark capitulates

March 8, 1960 Dutch Empire declares war on Iceland

March 9,1960 Reykjavik captured, Iceland capitulates

March 12, 1960 Dutch Empire declares war on Norway, Sweden and Finland

March 26, 1960 Battle of Oslo

March 29, 1960 Battle of Stockholm

April 3, 1960 Battle of Helsinki

June 2, 1960 Battle of Stockholm ends, Sweden capitulates

June 7, 1960 Battle of Oslo ends, Norway capitulates

June 15, 1960 Battle of Helsinki ends, Finland capitulates

July 1, 1960 Dutch Empire declares war on Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

July 1, 1960 Estonia capitulates

July 7, 1960 Latvia annexed

July 13,1960 Lithuania annexed

July 27, 1960 Dutch Empire declares war on Kazakhstan and Mongolia

August 1, 1960 Kazakhstan capitulates, knowing that they will never defeat this empire

October 26, 1960 Monglia annexed


Dutchempire 1960

Dutch Empire (October 27, 1960)

January 5, 1964 China declares war on The Dutch Empire

March 12, 1964 Mongolia liberated

April 17, 1964 The Dutch Empire strikes back, and bombs Beijing

April 19, 1964 Mongolia annexed by The Dutch Empire again

May 2, 1964 Battle of Beijing

July 19, 1964 Battle of Beijing ends, The Empire keeps pushing south

September 14, 1964 Battle of Shanghai

December 22, 1964 Nuclear warhead strikes Amsterdam

December 23, 1964 The Dutch are now so angry that they launch 20 warheads at China, killing 126,000,000 people.

December 23, 1964 China surrenders


January 1, 1977 The Dutch Emire declares war on The United States of America

January 3, 1977 Battle of The Atlantic

October 29, 1977 Battle of The Atlantic ends, The Dutch Empire moves further west to The USA

November 8, 1977 The Empire lands on the coast of Florida

October 14, 1977 Nuclear missile almost hits Amsterdam, it's shot out of the air 15 kilometers above Amsterdam.

October 14, 1977 Dutch Empire hits Washington D.C. with a missile

November 9, 1977 Florida captured

November 12, 1977 States of California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma have been attacked


January 1, 1978 The Confederate States of America declare independence, in fear of being atacked and then peacefully surrender.


January 1, 1982 After a lot of battles, the USA surrenders.

February 1, 1982 Battle of Toronto in Canada.

October 19, 1982 Battle of Toronto ends, Dutch troops keep pushing North.


January 1, 1983 Canada capitulates.

February 1, 1983 The Dutch attack Brazil.

February 19, 1983 Battle of Brasilia

April 7, 1983 Battle of Brasilia ends, troops keep pushing east

June 1, 1983 Brazil surrenders

To be continued...