The Durham report, named after John George Lambton, 1st Earl of Durham who wrote it, was commissioned by the British government in the aftermath of the Canadian Revolution. It sought to explain the reasons behind the uprising and possible solutions to prevent a similar one in other colonies.

To do, Lord Durham interviewed loyalists who had fled to other parts of British North America and even traveled incognito in the Canadas.

While agreeing that some of the demands made by the rebels prior to the revolution might have been legitimate, his conclusions were that the lower-Canadian uprising was due to ethnic tensions and the upper-Canadian one was the result of American influence.

His recommendations were that colonies be given representation but to prevent a sense of nationalism from developing, that it be by way of electing representatives to Westminster as if the colonies were not distinct entities but rather constituent part of the United Kingdom. BNA would thus be divided into ridings as its topmost divisions. The same would apply to other "white" possessions while "coloured" ones would remain colonies. The formers would stopped being the responsibility of the Permanent Under-Secretary for the Colonies and would instead receives services as "oversea regions" from the relevant ministries.

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