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Welcome to Duquesne, a timeline where Robert Dinwiddie, like most British Governors of Colonial America, did not trust Lietenunent Washington and his militia to go out and attack fort Duquesne when hearing of the news that the French had built a fort there. When the British soldiers arrive, they are picked off, one by one, in the Forrest by France and her indian allies. By the time they reach fort Duquesne, they are too small to execute a proper attack on the fort, resulting in a British loss at the fort, having the French able to defend the Ohio Valley, which leads to a different outcome of the French and Indian War.


Robert Dinwiddie (the de-facto governor of Colonial Virginia) decides not to send George Washington to Fort Duquesne located in OTL Pittsburgh to fight the French deciding to wait for British Reinforcments to arrive, only to be defeated by French and Indian Soldiers usuing Guerrilla style tactics, killing off the British Soldiers one-by one until they reach Fort Duquesne, where they are deliberately defeated by French forces.


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