Duke of Livonia
Hercog Līvõmōst
Seal of Duchy of Livonia
Coat of Arms of the House Vaalgamaast
Jaagup I
Jaagup I
since 1594

Style: His Ducal Grace
Heir apparent: None to Date
First monarch: Jaagup I
Formation: 1594
Residence: Riga Castle
Titles: Duke of Livonia and All Livonian Realms, Protector of the Holy Church in Livonia, and Defender of the Livonian People
Reigning house: Vaalgamaast

The Duke of Livonia (Livonian: Hercog Līvõmōst) is the hereditary head of state and head of government of the Duchy of Livonia.

Title and Style

The official title of the Duke of Livonia is:

His Ducal Grace, Hercog Jaagup I Vaalgamaast Jelgavast, Duke of Livonia and All Livonian Realms, Protector of the Holy Church in Livonia, and Defender of the Livonian People

His formal style is "His Ducal Grace," while his form of personal address is "Your Grace." The functionings of the royal court in Livonia is really important due to the high level of authority that the Duke maintains, and therefore these styles are regarded with extreme importance.


The concept of a united nation of Livonia is relatively new, therefore the list of Dukes of Livonia begins in 1594, the official date of creation of the Duchy of Livonia.

However, a number of historical pagan rulers from the Livonian Crusade who reigned over lands now part of Livonia are often cited as Dukes of Livonia for their importance in the creation of a Livonian culture. Not all of these rulers were ethnic Livonians, but all were ethnic Balto-Finns, and all died during the Livonian Crusade.

Historical Rulers

  • Viestards of Tervete (Mid/Late 1100s-1230) 
  • Ako of Salaspils (Mid 1100s-1206)
  • Vetseke of Koknese (Late 1100s-1224)
  • Visvaldis of Jersika (Late 1100s-1230)
  • Lembitu of Lehola (Late 1100s-1217)

- Greatest of the Old Livonian Dukes, often known as a King

1594 - Present

# Image Name Lifespan Reignspan Notes
1 Jaagup I Jaagup I 1563 - Present 1594 - Present First modern Duke of Livonia
2 Maunas Maunas I TBD - Present N/A Heir Apparent; Count of Cēsis


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