Coat of Arms of the Duchy of Gwent

Arms of the Duchy of Gwent

The Duchy of Gwent was created in 1517 by the Prince of Powys, Rhys I, as part of his plan to elevate his family to positions of power within Wales. During the early years of King Hywel II's reign the willy Prince orchestrated the creation of only the second Duchy in the realm and raised his younger brother, Owain, to the new title. The previous sole Duchy had been the Duchy of Dyfed which had been granted to the Kings maternal uncle

Following his elevation to Duke, Owain took as his Ducal seat the castle of Caldicot, close to the administrative centres of Caerleon and Caerwent as well as being within a reasonable distance of the biggest town in the Duchy, Monmouth.

List of the Dukes of Gwent (Dates of Rule)

1st Creation

  1. Owain ap Maredudd ap Owain - Owain I of Gwent 1517-1561
  2. Fychan ab Owain ap Maredudd - Fychan I of Gwent 1561-1573
  3. Edmund ap Fychan ab Owain - Edmund I of Gwent 1573-1610
  4. Gwillym Powys-Fadog - Gwillym I of Gwent 1610-1636
  5. Owain Powys-Fadog - Owain II of Gwent 1636-1675
  6. Meurig Powys-Fadog - Meurig I of Gwent 1675-1688
  7. Madog Powys-Fadog - Madog I of Gwent 1688-1730
  8. Caradog Powys-Fadog - Caradog of Gwent 1730-1753
  9. Meurig Powys-Fadog - Meurig II of Gwent 1753-1762
  10. Edmund Powys-Fadog - Edmund II of Gwent 1762-1771 (Brother of Meurig II)
  11. Meurig Powys-Fadog - Meurig III of Gwent 1771-1782 (Greatgrandson of Madog I of Gwent)

2nd Creation

With the death of Dug Meurig III, the last male line descendant of Duke Owain I, in 1782,  the title of the Duchy of Gwent went into abeyance and returned to the gift of the crown. As a result, Rhisiart II in 1782 created his youngest son, Maelgwyn the new Dug Y Gwent

  1. Maelgwyn Morgannwg - Maelgwyn I of Gwent 1782-1840

3rd Creation

With the death of Maelgwyn in 1840 the title of Gwent again went into abeyance, with Maelgwyn's sons pre-deceasing him. The king, Cystennin, awarded the title to the successful soldier and rising star of the Welsh political scene, Dafydd Preece. A soldier in the armies of Arthur, King of Wales, and General in the armies of his son Cystennin, Dafydd was rapidly becoming a political force to be reckoned with. The General had recently married the daughter of the Earl of Seisyllwg and Cystennin recognised that the elevation would be a success.

  1. Dafydd Preece (1799-1881) - General of Wales (1838-1844) - Dafydd I of Gwent 1844-1881
  2. Caradog Preece (1846-1919) - Caradog II of Gwent 1881-1919
  3. Meurig Preece (1878-1941) - Meurig IV of Gwent 1919-1941
  4. Madog Preece (1905-1979) - Madog II of Gwent 1941-1979
  5. Owain Preece (1937-2005) - Owain III of Gwent 1979-2005
  6. Caradog Preece (1966 - Present) - Caradog III of Gwent 2005 - Present

Coats of Arms of the Dukes of Gwent

Arms of Powys-Fadog-Gwent

Arms of the House of Powys Fadog-Gwent

Arms of Maelgwyn Morgannwg - Duke of Gwent

Coat of Arms of Maelgwyn, Duke of Gwent

The three coats of arms of the Dukes of Gwent display the three different houses representing the Duchy.

The House of Powys-Fadog had the Black Lion of Powys alongside the Fleur De Llys of Gwent. With the death of the Meurig III and the re-creation of the Duchy for the younger son of King Rhisiart II, the arms changed with the white chevrons of Morgannwg replacing the Black Lion.

The final arms of the Dukes of Gwent appeared with the third creation of the Duchy when Cystennin raised Dafydd Preece to the title. The new Duke took as his arms, the Fleur De Llys of Gwent countered by the reversed Gold Lion of Seisyllwg (representing his nobility of his wife and therefore his children with the arms granted him by Cystennin which was a red uncrowned dragon on a green and white field representing his time as a cavalry general

Arms of Preece of Gwent

Arms of the House of Preece

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