The Dudley Dynasty was a House of the English Imperial Family that reigned from for exactly 100 years from April 16, 1602 after the coronation of Emperor John of Dudley to April 16, 1702 following the death of Emperor John III. Its time on the throne led to the creation of the Militant-Prefectary system. An act which would lead to most military rule of Counties and Provinces in the Empire. It then led to the several foundings of Trade companies, which are also funded by the army. Yet the most notable motions passed by the famous dynasty is the founding of the Scottish Republic and allowing them the ability of independence.

List of Monarchs

1.John I of Dudley(1602-1612)

2.John II of Dudley(1612-1677)

3.John III of Dudley(1677-1702)

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