Duchy of Prussia
Herzogtum Preußen
Timeline: Tudor Line
Prussian Flag Prussian Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Europe, 1530
Prussia seen in Northern Poland in light orange.
(and largest city)
  others Lithuanian, Polish, Prussian
Religion Lutheranism
Ethnic Group Prussian
Duke Albert I of Prussia (1525-1557)

Albert II of Prussia (1557 - 1559)

 Duchy of Prussia was a state in Northern Poland, which was created following the Reformation. It existed for 32 years, then it was declared a Kingdom of Prussia, controversial due to Poland's claim on them.


It came into existence by secularization made throw the efforts of the former Teutonic Master Albert von Brandenburg declaring himself the Duke of Prussia in 1525. After losing wars with Poland and most of his people being Protestant, it wasn't a long time to a break up. Since 1526 Prussia was an ally of Denmark and Norway, even supporting Christian III's Kalmar War, the first war since the 1529 Teutonic War, which quickly ended and the order gained only a single city. Prussia was almost always on a side of European politics and the rulers were ready to convert at all times. In 1557 Albert II of Prussia came on the throne, his was very ambitious and wanted his own crown. When his lords indirectly said he wasn't a king, he decided to declare himself king. Following this the duchy became the title of the heirs to the throne.

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