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Duchy of Milan
Ducatus Mediolani
Timeline: The British Ain't Coming

OTL equivalent: Portions of Italy
Flag of Milan (TBAC) Coat of arms of Milan (TBAC)
Flag Coat of Arms
Milan TBAC
Location of Milan
(and largest city)
Language Lombard
Religion Roman Catholicism
Duke Karl von Habsburg
  Royal house: Habsburg-Lorraine
Prime Minister Roberto Maroni
The Duchy of Milan is a sovereign state and member of the Holy Roman Empire, located in northern Italy. It was first created in 1395, when it included twenty-six towns and the wide rural area of the middle Padan Plain east of the hills of Montferrat. It was re-established in 1872 with its independence from Austria and invitation of a Bourbon third born. Prince to be Duke. It is wedged between Savoy to the west, Venice to the east, the Swiss Confederacy to the north, and separated from the Mediterranean by Parma to the south.


Independence and Beginnings

During 1872 after more than 100 years of Austrian control the city of Milan rose in a popular rebellion. This was the first evidence of how effective popular initiative, and was used to influence the King of France, in his eventual invasion.

The Austrian garrison at Milan was well equipped and commanded by an experienced general, Joseph Radetzky von Radetz, who despite being over 80 years old, was energetic and rigid, the true expression of Austrian military severity. Radetzky had no intention of yielding to the uprising.

However, the whole city fought throughout the streets, raising barricades, firing from windows and roofs, and urging the rural population to join them. The populace was backed by the archbishop and at least 100 priests joined in the fighting against the Austrians. A bust of Pope Pius IX was even hoisted onto the barricades. A provisional government of Milan was formed.

After three weeks the Austrians to made gains inside the city with the leaders appealing to the French for support. The King of France authorized an invasion in which France would help ensure Milanese independence. The French invasion was commanded by Francis, Duke of Burgundy the eventual Duke of Milan. The French pushed the Austrians out of the territory and eventually occupied it helping set up the new government and training French troops. 

During the constitutional convention it was decided that Milan would be a Monarchy and the search for a monarch began. Francis, Duke of Burgundy was elected Duke of Milan taking the name Francis III, Duke of Milan and Burgundy.

French Client State

European War

Modern Revival