The Beginning

The war started (unoffically) in 1999, when a small number of cartel clashed with police. With rising drug sales and a lack of drug farms, the Cartels began to seek new drug plants in order to make more farms. As the cartels grow, they become more powerful in Mexico. By 2004 the cartels have created an Oligarchy that controls most of Mexico. The Cartel Oligarchy has complete control of the Country and the Government and began to pursue policies that weakened the Armed Forces and Police. The cartels then passed a law that abolished the Police.

The war actually starts in 2005, after heated relations with the USA. The cartel are now planning to strike across the border, after learning that most drugs grow better in the USA than in Mexico. The first cartel attack was on Al Paco. Cartels are now spilling into other border towns and air strikes on cities.

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