The Dravimosian Military has exceptional and highly advanced equipment that allows it to operate at maximum efficiency in the field regardless of the environment or mission requirements.


Each species of the Empire is allowed to manufacture its own weaponry, although this is highly regulated to reduce the chance of such weapons being used in revolts or terrorism. Dravimos weaponry remains the standard issue for most military units.


Small Arms

Most soldiers in the Army are issued an assault rifle and pistol. Both weapons are select-fire and can be used in a variety of ways. Each soldier is also issued a combat knife that is forged according to the soldier's biology. The knife can also be affixed to the rifle as a bayonet for close quarters combat.

Most rifles are kinetic impact-based weapons. A bullet is accelerated by means of electromagnetic repulsion to high speed and flattens as it hits its target, transferring the most energy and damage possible. Pistols follow this same principle as well, on a smaller scale.

Other firearms exist as well, with many other types for different situations. Some notable examples are listed as follows:

  • A rifle that fires a quantity of liquid metal at a fraction of light speed. The metal is an alloy of Iron, Tungsten, and depleted Uranium. The rounds can penetrate almost all forms of armor.
  • A shotgun-like weapon that shoots caltrop-like projectiles that embed themselves in an enemy's flesh. Once embedded, the projectiles release nanobots that completely dissolve the enemy. There is an alternate form of ammo that releases a strain of the Xeraji virus instead.

Melee Weapons

Alongside the bayonets that are issued to troops, melee weapons, while mostly ceremonial, are still used in modern combat. The most common is the Energy Sabre, which is a collapsible metal sword with a current of plasma running along its edge, enabling it to cut through almost anything.

The Imperial Guard also uses a form of pike called an Energy Fyrer, which has the same mechanics as the Energy Sabre while extending the user's reach.

Another weapon that is used, maybe not technically a melee weapon, is called a power gauntlet. This device is limited to upper level ranks and positions. The device uses zero point energy fields to manipulate objects and individuals. The power gauntlet is capable of crushing, lifting, and moving objects caught in the field.


The most common explosive encountered on the battlefield are grenades. Other explosive devices are used, such as thermite or plasma.


The quality of an individual's armor varies according to that person's rank and occupation in the military. The average Dravimos soldier is equipped with a fully sealable suit made out of a metallic glass alloy. The helmet includes a heads up display (HUD) that monitors the user's vital signs, their ammo count, and their air supply, among other things.

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