Dravimosian Imperial Zeremrata Seal

Seal of the Dravimosian Imperial Zeremrata.

The Dravimosian Imperial Zeremrata, often translated as the Armada, is the branch of the Dravimosian Armed Forces that is charged with controlling both the regions of space both within the Empire and the space of its enemies, as well as simple operations such as searching for pirates and protecting trade.


The Armada is the second largest branch of the Dravimosian Armed Forces, with well over several billion individuals in uniform.

Battle groups

The Zeramrata has a total of eight battle groups, one for each species in the Empire. Battle group Dravimos is the largest of them, having over two hundred fleets of over one thousand ships each. Most of Battle group Dravimos never leaves the Dravimos Empire.

Battlegroups Xeraji, Dresh, and Karnehai are the main offensive battle groups.

Battlegroup Polaran is unique in that it is only a battle group on paper, it has no ships of its own at the moment.




Ship to Ship Weapons

Weapons of Mass Destruction

The Armada is the branch of the armed forces that is most likely to use a WMD, if high command ever decides that it is necessary to do so.

The Dravimosian Empire has the technology needed to use a wide variety of WMDs, typically nuclear, antimatter or particle weapons.

Nuclear weapons are the most widely used due to their wide range of uses. Nuclear weapons are utilized for bombardments of planetary defenses as well as small ship-to-ship engagements.

The most powerful nuclear weapon the Empire has is called the Zerastas (literally, "Star Forge") that consists of several fusion nuclear warheads, typically eight to ten, that are clustered around fissionable material. When detonated, the weapon results in a nuclear detonation akin to a small star. When used in proximity to a planet, the planet and most, if not all, of its moons are usually rendered lifeless and heavily irradiated.

While nuclear weapons are able to disable ships, the Empire does not typically do so, preferring not to take risks with such operations.

Particle Beams are used often in large ship-to-ship engagements when enemy ships need to be disabled or destroyed quickly and completely. Highly energized beams of plasma are shot out of weapons ports called energy projectors. Smaller versions of the same weapon under the same name are used by military forces at times.

The advantage of the energy projectors is that the particles can either penetrate shields easily or break through them after a small period of sustained fire. Once the particle beam hits the ship's hull, the ship is bisected and typically partially explodes when the particles hit fuel lines.

Such particles beams can be used in planetary bombardments as well, although the Empire rarely does this, as using one in an atmosphere energizes the atmospheric particles significantly. This causes havoc with the planet's local lifeforms and can cause sustained environmental damage. Antimatter weapons are used in three separate levels, each one causing different amounts of destruction on a massive scale.

Zeris's Darts are the smallest, capable of destroying large asteroids and most warships.

Zeris's Arrows are medium, and are capable of destroying planets.

Zeris's Javelins are the most powerful, capable of destroying stars, typically dooming the system orbiting the star as well.

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