Dravimosian Imperial Guard Seal

Seal of the Imperial Guard.

The Imperial Guard of the Dravimosian Empire is the premier security force of the Empire, responsible for the protection of the Emperor, the Senate, and any other high positions in the Empire, such as the Archon.

The Imperial Guard also accompanies the Emperor into battle, and dies with him as well, if such a thing should happen.



Each king or leader of the seven Dravimos city states, when he took the crown, would choose a group of ten willing individuals, typically friends or advisers, who would accompany the king wherever he went and protect him. This was only a social custom and no law forced the king to have a guard. When the King of Zera became the first Emperor of the Dravimos Empire, the custom continued.



The Imperial Guard typically uses weapons that are slightly higher grade than those used by the regular forces. In addition to Superior weapons, the Guard also has access to Energy Shields, which are metal disks with a larger metallic rim that, when activated, expands a shield similar to that of armor or spaceships.


The armor that the Imperial Guard uses is similar to that of the regular armed forces in that it is made of metallic glass, but is also reinforced with interlacing layers of graphene. The armor is almost always stark red in public, but when in battle, the armor possesses adaptive camouflage. This technology will change the color of the armor from red to black, as is often the color used in combat.

Training and Logistics


To become a member of the Guard, the individual has to be an officer in a branch of the Dravimosian Armed Forces, be commended at least twice for heroic actions in the line of duty, be extremely fit in both mind and body, and be free from other commitments, such as marriage. These requirements continue through service, and failure to maintain these qualities is grounds for dismissal.

Despite the regulation that members are not allowed to be married while in the Imperial Guard, this is often overlooked by fellow guardsmen and even the Emperor himself.


The Imperial Guard numbers at 5,000 active at all times, and that same number in reserve. The Guard is made up of mostly Dravimos, with noticeable minorities of Xeraji, Crixus, Karnehai, and Aronicus.


Imperial Dravimosian Shadow Operations Division

Under Review The Imperial Dravimosian Shadow Operations Division (IDSOD) is the premier tactical operations force in the Dravimosian Empire. Numbering at about 1,000 individuals, the division is the highest trained force in the Empire. When they masquerade as members of the Imperial Guard, they wear the traditional red armor but on missions they wear black stealth armor. Their role is typically to assassinate or kidnap high ranking individuals of other nations' military or government or sabotage high risk targets when Crixus Special Forces cannot do so. In the rare case that a sentient species is about to go extinct, the Division is sent undercover to obtain as many of that race as possible for preservation.

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