Outer Archive

The surface entrance to the Archives.

The Dravimosian Imperial Archives is a highly treasured and highly secured underground complex that is located near the city of Garma and the ruins of Idaltroas.


The Archives is divided into three separate sections, each with its own distinct purpose:

Historical Wing

The Historical Wing of the Archives houses any relics that the Dravimosian government may obtain.

Information Wing

The Information Wing of the Archives houses all data that is known about anything and everything. If the data doesn't exist here, it is likely not real or lost.

Life Wing

Inner Archive

An inner section of the Archives, likely the Life Wing.

The Life Wing is the largest wing of the Archives, housing genetic copies of DNA and complete specimens of every species that the Dravimosian Empire has ever encountered. Sentient species are housed in a separate detachment and species that are extinct outside the Archives are in a highly secured vault under the Wing.


Access to the Archives is restricted and requires governmental permission to even be within ten miles of the complex.

Due to the sensitive nature of the Archives and the possibility of individuals making irrational decisions or mistakes, the Archives are maintained and protected by automatons that are controlled by the Archive's resident four artificial intelligences.

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