Dravimosian Empire
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Zera, Krysalis
The Dravimosian Empire is a multi-racial confederacy in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is one of the strongest nations known in galactic history.


What little other species know about the Dravimos comes from records on derelict spaceships. The first Dravimos evolved around 44 Million years ago on their home planet of Krysalis. Krysalis is a large cold world about one and a half times larger than Earth. For about 15,358 years the Dravimos were divided into small political entities similar to those on Earth, however large scale wars were far fewer, and it is believed that only one world war occurred in their history. In the aftermath, the various nations put aside their differences and focused on one goal: the survival of their species. They soon progressed into a space age, colonizing their entire solar system. When they discovered Interstellar travel they expanded rapidly to secure more systems. Most of the conflicts the Dravimos fought were against pirates and defected soldiers. This provided little combat for the advanced Dravimos soldiers.

Dravimos soldiers

Dravimos soldiers in combat against space pirates on the world of Xiryas. 45 B.C.

The first sapient species the Dravimos encountered were the Karnehai, one million years ago. War with the hostile species was difficult, as the Karnehai were almost just as advanced and stronger than the Dravimos. The Dravimos developed the Xeraji to beat them, and after a hundred year war the Karnehai were added to the empire.

The Dravimos encountered the Maoimer in 1612 A.D. An aquatic humanoid native to the waters of Sirminaza, the Maoimer were just starting to encroach on the lands of their home planet when Dravimosian pirates landed and started to ravage the lands for its resources. The Dravimosian Navy moved in to take out the pirates, but by now the Maoimer were fully suspicious of the Dravimos. They attacked the Navy as it bombarded the pirate's bases and outposts. The Dravimos returned fire, but most of the enemy forces were safely hidden underwater. The Xeraji, however, were able to take the fight to the Maoimer with reasonable success. The quick breeding rate of the Xeraji meant that no matter how many the Maoimer could kill, they couldn't replenish their numbers fast enough. By two years time the Maoimer were accepting unconditional surrender when the Dravimos threatened to orbitally glass the planet. The war was over.

It is currently unknown how the Dravimos became so advanced over such a short period of time, but many who are familiar to the topic suggest that the Dravimos rarely kill each other, thus allowing more to use their minds for productive purposes. Also, it might be explained by when one Dravimosian comes up with an idea, others don't laugh at it or declare it impossible, they either help the idea become reality or ignore it and focus on their own projects.

A Xeraji space station, 1702 A.D. Notice the Xeraji frigates in the foreground.

Xeraji Pupae in Training

Three Xeraji Pupae in training, equipped with Plasma spears. Please notice that as Pupae, these Xeraji have yet to form wings, fully develop their heads, and have their skins molt to the Drone stage. The brown Pupa, with the adult skin, is the oldest, at about two months.

The Xeraji were the final result of the Dravimos Bioengineering program to create an artificial organism to perform tasks that the Dravimos would be unable or unwilling to do.


A Dravimos Marine in a live fire simulation. He is wielding a plasma blade, a small sword that releases heated plasma held in a magnetic field. 1726 A.D.

The current system count of the Empire is 1545 completely colonized systems and 146 partially colonized systems.
Two PLanets

Krysalis (Left), Krenash (Right).


Very little of Xeraji society is know, and fewer still of Dravimosian society. The Xeraji operate on a hive system, and almost all of the species know nothing but complete loyalty to the hive and to the Dravimos.

It is known that the Dravimos are very skilled with Biology and Bioengineering, as one might guess from a species that could create another. They are also very skilled with mechanical engineering and metullergy, and have created several machines to help them fight wars.

Socially, the Dravimos are suspicious of any species not their own. The Xeraji are the exception. However, the Dravimos are very aware when an alliance is needed to defeat a greater threat. The Dravimos value intelligence over social class or appearence, although honor and physical prowess are also valued within society. The Dravimos have a religion, but little is known about it, as many Dravimos choose to go into fields concerning science rather than those involved in religion. One rule in society is to not mix or compare religion and science. To bow someone's head in front of a Dravimosian is considered issuing a challenge, and is therefore offensive.

The Dravimos are a very technologically advanced civilization, and are perhaps the most advanced of known species. They have contained all diseases native to their planet, and after the recent virus epidemic also have nanobots that destroy harmful cells in their body. In warfare they mainly use either railguns or plasma rifles combined with energy shielding for troops and ships alike.. The railguns use an Iron-Tungsten-Depleted Uranium alloy, which is capable of puncturing most materials. The Dravimos have nuclear weapons and limited antimatter weapons. They are capable of moving or destroying planets.

Species of the Empire

These are the species that are members of the growing Dravimos Empire, and all supply ships and soldiers to any war.

  1. Dravimos
  2. Xeraji
  3. Karnehai
  4. Crixus
  5. Aronicus
  6. Dresh
  7. Maoimer
  8. Byrian
Species of the Empire

The Species of the Empire, from left: Dravimos, Xeraji, Karnehai, Crixus, Aronicus, Dresh, and Maoimer.