The Dravimosian Empire, with its long history and great size, has several client states or protectorates that are considered by the Empire as potential targets of annexation. The position of the client states varies on the issue of annexation, with some fully supportive and others opposed to it.

Client States

Caborr State

The Caborr State is the most successful of the client states, having relatively few problems compared to the others. Despite this, there is some tension with Caborr nationalists, who favor independence from the Empire.

The Caborr State, being the largest nation on its homeworld, greatly benefits from its status as a client state. However, the State fears that becoming a full member of the Empire may isolate it from the other nations. 

During the beginning stages of the Seventh Galactic War, several Caborr politicians advocated war with the Ahlose Alliance, the nation that controlled the remainder of the Caborr homeworld. Some politicians wanted this for a unified Caborr nation free of foreign involvement, while others wanted all the Caborr in the Empire.

Polaran Reconstruction Government

The Polaran Reconstruction Government is located in Dravimosian space that is undergoing a process of rebuilding.

Ever since the Polaran homeworld Polara suffered significant ecological and societal collapse, the Polarans spread out into space in disorganized tribes in order to find a new homeworld. After several attacks on Dravimosian ships and worlds, the Empire retaliated, eventually cornering the largest Polaran group and captured it. The captured Polarans were returned to their ashen homeworld to begin rebuilding their society with Dravimosian guidance and assistance.

The Polaran State was initiated into the Empire in 1975 AD, and the reconstructionist government was disbanded.

Possible Client States


The Brudahka are a semi-sentient arachnid species that inhabit the planet Arscalom, located in the fringes of Dravimosian space. Encountered by the Dravimosians centuries ago, the Brudahka have tried to remain alone. When the Dravimosian government tried to negotiate, the Brudahka killed the negotiating team. Despite the harsh prospects of a Dravimosian invasion, the Brudahka stood defiant.

No matter what the Dravimosians did, the war did not go in their favor. The Brudahka called every bluff the Dravimosians made, and the military later withdraw.

Negotiations are currently ongoing to incorporate the Brudahka into the Empire. Arscalom is quarantined until the negotiations are over.

Due to the physical size and number of the Brudahka, many other nations in the galaxy are actively trying to prevent any successful outcome of the negotiations, since that would dramatically restructure the balance of power.

In 1968 AD, the Brudahka queens were persuaded to join the Empire after being shown the destruction and death wrought upon less advanced races by the Promethean Empire and the Firstborn. The Brudahka Collective was initiated into the Empire in 1975 AD.

Enumus-Democrist DMZ

The Enumus-Democrist DMZ is a region in the galaxy that is occupied by the four active powers of the galaxy. The Enumus and Democrists fought a long and vicious war that killed many of the two species and many nationals of the four nations as well.

After years of unsuccessful diplomacy, the four nations intervened and put the war down. The two species are now locked in a demilitarized zone until they can reach a satisfactory peace agreement.

Several Dravimosian nationalists advocate the annexation of part or the whole of the zone, following along the belief that the Dravimos are the guardians of life. Despite this, the Dravimosian government does not advocate this action, as it would agitate the other three powers, who may have similar claims to that area, and the Enumus and Democrists as well.

Based on data collected by the Dravimosian military, it appears that the Enumus are more likely to accept annexation whereas the Democrists are firmly opposed to it.

With the onset of the Seventh Galactic War, most Grand Alliance ships were forced to withdraw from the DMZ, allowing the Firstborn to gain considerable influence over both races. As such, client state status or annexation are unlikely at this point.

Siluris Compact

The Siluris Compact was a prominent rival of the Dravimosian Empire in its early stages, but has since faded into the background of galactic interaction due to harsh restrictions forced upon the nation by the Empire and centuries of losing trade to other nations.

Because of the Compact's current economic and military difficulties, some in the Compact suggest joining the Empire to reverse these problems. Some in the Empire even go as far to suggest that annexation could occur within the next fifty years.

"Pax Vitae" or "Pax Dravimosica"

These two terms, translated into the Human language Latin, mean "Life's Peace" and "Dravimos Peace," respectably. The two terms are interchangeable and are used by Dravimosian nationalists who advocate the absorption of all biological races, living or not, into the Empire by any means, ushering in a new era of peace between biological beings.

This concept, while supported in theory by both the Dravimosian government and Dravimos religion, is highly unlikely to be a cornerstone of Dravimosian foreign policy due to both current alliances with other species and military incapability to conquer the rest of the galaxy.

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