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Dravimosian-Polaran War (Battle for Earth: Prime)

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Dravimosian-Polaran War

1846 (human years)




Dravimosian Empire; Polaran Reconstruction Government

Major battles:

Battle of Coruos
Battle of Kayra
Battle of Polara
Battle of the Restless Graves



Polaran Flag Polaran Race

Dravimosian Empire

Imerpial Seal Dravimosian Empire
Polaran CoAPolaran Reconstruction Government
Caborr Flag Caborr State

Supported By

Siluris Compact

Polaran Flag Rho Nulla  (POW)

Imerpial Seal Empress Skera I
Imerpial Seal Emperor Serantaos I
Imerpial Seal Emperor Doesant IV
Imerpial Seal Emperor Serantaos II
Polaran CoA Rho Nulla
Caborr Flag Rhia Sota
Caborr Flag Yanjril Unruks

Casualties and Losses



The Polarans

The Polarans are a sentient race from the planet Polara. Starting in the 1700s, the Polarans begin to overuse their planet's resources. Ecological damage followed, and soon war between the various tribes of Polara broke out.

The Polarans were also a apace-faring race, and had a small interstellar state of about five systems. When the resources of Polara ran dry, the Polarans there scattered, pillaging the other colonies for resources before moving on.

Eventually, the Polarans had reached Dravimosian space. Even though they knew of the Dravimos, the Polarans were desperate for resources and a new homeworld. The first Dravimos world to be attacked was Corous. The Polarans were successful in overcoming the planet's defenses but were repelled a week later by elements of Battlegroup Crixus.



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