Draculi de România (The Dragons of Romania) is a timeline that displays the alternate events that could have happened if Vlad the Impaler actually survived until his natural death and avoided imprisonment by the Hungarian king Matthias Corvinus and actually approved of his request for help.


After losing his crown to his brother Radu the Handsome, Vlad III retreated back to his stronghold region of Transylvania and later went into Hungary to ask his friend and ally Mathias Corvinus to send troops to retake his throne.

In OTL Mathias Corvinus imprisoned Vlad the Impaler and later became Voivode of Wallachia once again to rule for a third reign.

With direct support from the Hungarians and the Croatians, Vlad III met his brother Radu in open battle and killed him. Radu's body was later impaled on the Moldoveanu peak, the highest point of Romania after his body was transported for miles.

Vlad's throne of Wallachia is once again under his control and with support of Matthias Corvinus he will change the course of history within Romania and the Carpathian region.


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