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Himmler, the cocky fool began to think Greater Germany was unstoppable, and that the Soviet Union was merely a bump on the road to his glorious world empire, and must be dealt with. He keeps the Soviets in the dark about the attack, claiming their mobilization of personnel and materiel was a training exercise, or to attack the United States. The attack was swift and unpredicted, and it is only months before the German Blitzkreigs break through to Moscow. Hermann Göring takes his battalion to Saint Petersburg, arriving a week after Himmler's attack on Moscow. The Union nearly collapses with the death of tens of thousands, and the conquering of millions more. The Communists are driven from Europe, and the vast Caucasus oil fields belong to the Nazi's. The Union re-establishes, absorbing northern China, and most other central- and East-Asian countries, though it is nowhere near the glory it once had. The attack on the Soviet Union, however, was not easy. Though it was the Nazi's who eventually came out on top, they suffered much heavier losses, with almost every soldier, tank, and jeep destroyed. But Himmler was a very persuasive leader, telling his troops to "Keep on keeping on" and indeed, though they were devastated, they had done the impossible; conquered Moscow.

The United States, knowing Germany is weak from the attack, decides to launch an invasion of what was once the UK, but when do they attack?

Jazon Naparleon 01:41, August 8, 2010 (UTC)

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