Dotarinium was the first village ever, made by the subspecies Homo spicalis dotarus.


Dotarinium comes from Dotarus (Homo spicalis dotarus).


  • 39,166 BC - Dotarinium was found by the Homo spicalis dotaruses in OTL North-eastern Sudan.
  • 39,132 BC - Homo spicalis dominicuses find the Homo spicalis dotaruses and start The First Battle of Homo Spicalis, and Dotarinium is threatened.
  • 39,130 BC - The Homo spicalis dominicuses finally win the battle, and claim Dotarinium for themselves.
  • 38,993 BC - Homo spicalis dominicuses flee, scared because they suddenly saw Homo spicalis spicalises again, after they thought they killed all of them during The Second Battle of Homo Spicalis. They made a big mistake. The Homo spicalis spicalises capture Dotarinium.

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