Explosion of Bonhomme bomb, Hawaii


Madrid destruction Jan92

Cg47 6

NAS Advance

Operation tango 1992

Operation Tango

Battle city





Switzerland Province


Enfant 2 deployment

The Doomsday war was a very major world conflict that occurred from 1991-1995. It was essentially a proxy war between Germany and France. It involved the first use of Nuclear weapons, which were developed by France and Germany around 1987 in an arms race. It is the deadliest war in human history, where over 80,000,000 people died.


  • 22 October: Ottoman Empire (French ally) invades Persia (German Ally)
  • 29 October: Sardinian East Africa Invades Egypt, a German ally.
  • 8 November: Germany deploys 10,000 soldiers to its african colonies to invade Sardinia's African colonies.
  • 11 November: France drops the Enfant 2 nuclear bomb on Berlin. The 8 megaton Enfant bomb wipes out most of Berlin, and kills 1,218,000 people, and 1,8 million are seriously hurt.
  • 15 November: Germany relocates its capital to Munich
  • 18 November: Six 500 kiloton bombs are dropped on Paris. 800,000 people dead.
  • 24 November: France tests its Bonhomme Nuclear bomb on Hawaii (Big island) to show off their might to Germany. The 25 megaton bomb wipes out 92% of all life and 84% of all structures.
  • 3 December: The NAS Advance incident. A Spanish submarine torpedoes a North American navy ship, the Advance.
  • 4 December: North America declares war on Spain
  • 12 December: 6,800 North American troops land in Portugal to prepare for invasion of Spain
  • 16 December: 56,000 North American soldiers land in Portugal
  • 17 December: North American Navy sends 9 aircraft carriers and 21 battle ships to Portugal; 24,000 more soldiers arrive
  • 21 December: 40,000 North American and 18,000 Portuguese invade Spain.
  • 23 December: France invades Northern Spain
  • 24 December: Portuguese soldiers capture Sevilla and Cadiz; North Americans attack Santiago de Compostela and A Coruna.
  • Second invasion wave goes to Spain
  • 26 December: French troops capture Zaragoza
  • 28 December: Spanish Air Force bombs French positions in Zaragoza and kill about 2000 French soldiers and 6800 Spanish civilians
  • 31 December: Spain puts in nationwide curfew and makes conscripotion mandatory to all Spanish males of age 15-46.


  • 1 January: Portuguese troops take Malaga; French Soldiers capture Pamplona.
  • 2 January:10,000 people protest conscription laws in Madrid. Soldiers and police crack down on protesters and kill 82 people
  • 3 January:Spanish El Mundo newspaper criticizes government for not thinking about peoples welfare and for killing 82 people.
  • 3 January: Spanish navy crippled in Valencia after most ships were hit by bombs
  • 4 January: 3000 people protest in Valencia, 1900 in Valladoliz also protest.
  • 6 January: French bombers hit Madrid; 9200 people dead.
  • 7 January: Three Spanish Air Force bases are destroyed by Portuguese planes.
  • 8 January: People are desperate for peace in Spain; 24,000 people protest and bring down the government.
  • Manuel Fraga e Iribarne becomes Spanish president.
  • 9 January: Spain agrees to a ceasefire and peace talks begin.
  • 11 January: Spain, France, Portugal and North America sign a peace deal; Spain is forced to have no army, navy and air force, only police.
  • 23 January: Germans bomb Tokyo, Japan a French ally.
  • 24 January: Germans bomb Osaka.
  • 5 February: Operation Tango: French troops launch attack on Switzerland province in Germany.
  • 6 February:

    French tank in Geneva

    Geneva taken by France, heavy destruction.
  • 18 February: Operation "Orange Wut" (Orange Fury): Germany invades the Netherlands.
  • 19 February: German naval ship "Adolf Hitler" sunk by Dutch navy.
  • 21 February: Rotterdam invaded by Germany.

    One of the bombs dropped on Paris

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