The skilled hacker Harold T. Cheatfold created a virus he called 'Doomsday' and sent it out to most of Netscape, Firefox and Internet Explorer users as spam mail. The victims who open it, unfortunately end in a very vulnerable position. The virus takes control of the computers, not only the internet, but also of the computer itself: it sends commands that mutate softwares and other content on the computer, making it able to withstand most human controls, such as Ctrl + Alt + Delete.

With some skilled translation, Cheatfold hatched a plan, he would send translated documents to other computers around the world, sending the virus to every bit of technology that can use the internet or function like a computer. After a couple years of toying, he found out how to send a bigger, more infectious version of the virus he called 'Doomsday 2.0' to military corps around the world, including Russia, Japan, Afganastan, Iraq and the US government. As the virus pushes deeper into the computers around the earth, it can even send commands to military staff to send missiles and even nuclear bombs over even the most vulnerable regions. Many people called Cheatfold 'The New Hitler' or even 'The Terrorist of Technology' , as Cheatfold send bigger and more infectious viruses to the world, such as Doomsday 3.5 and Doomsday 5.0.

He has overpowered the world of technology to the highest extent, past even the most powerful minds that we've seen.

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