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Dongyang Project
Timeline: Pax Columbia
OTL equivalent: Touhou Project

Video Game

Shoot'em up



Team Nanjing Fulanita (OTL equivalent:Team Shanghai Alice)

Publishers Team Nanjing Fulanita

(formerly Amusement Makers)

Creator ZUN
Platform NEC PC-9801, Wallsoft Ventana
First release Highly Responsive to Prayers


Latest release Double Dealing Character

August 12, 2013

The Dongyang Project (동방 프로젝트 Dongyang Peulojegteu, lit. Eastern Project), also known as Toho Project or Project Magician Temple, is a Korean dōjin game series focused on bullet hell shooters made by the one-man developer Team Nanjing Fulanita (팀 남경 손잡이), whose sole member, known as ZUN, is responsible for all the graphics, music, and programming for the most part. The series was inducted into the Guinness World Records in October 2010 for being the "most prolific fan-made shooter series".

The Dongyang Project began in 1995 when Highly Responsive to Prayers was first developed by the group Amusement Makers for the Korean NEC PC-9801 series of computers; the game was later released in November 1996. The next four Dongyang games released between August 1997 and December 1998 also were released on the NEC PC-9801. The Dongyang Project was inactive for the next three and half years until the first Wallsoft Ventana Dongyang game, The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, was released in August 2002 solely by ZUN after he split from Amusement Makers and started Team Nanjing Fulanita. The Dongyang Project became a media franchise spanning a steadily increasing number of official games, in addition to commercial fan books, light novels, and Manhwa.

The series mainly takes place in Hwansang (환상향; means "Land of Illusions" or "Land of Fantasy"). The main Dongyang theme is Buddhism, though other themes like Hindu, Taoism, and Shintō is referenced/seen.

Main CharactersEdit

Hijili ByakulenEdit


Hijili Byakulen

Hijili Byakulen (히지리 뱌쿠렌; OTL Byakuren Hijiri) is the main character of the Dongyang Project. Her first appearance was 동방영이전 ~ Highly Responsive to Prayers (Dongyang Yeong Ijeon) when she was the only player.

Hojyu Nue

From then on she became the main playable character in the Dongyang Project series. She is also a Buddhist and lives in and maintains the Myouren Temple. (basically acting like a Reimu Hakurei-equivalent)

Hojyu NueEdit

Hojyu Nue (호쥬 누에; OTL Nue Houjuu) is another main character of the Dongyang Project series. Her first appearance was in 동방봉마록 ~ the Story of Eastern Wonderland [Dongyang Bongmalog] as a stage 4 boss. She soon started appearing as a playable character starting in 동방몽시공 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream [Dongyang Mong Sigong]. She is a friend of Hijili Byakulen. (Marisa Kirisame-equivalent)

Other supporting charactersEdit

Tatala KogasaEdit

Kogasa Tatala (타타라 코가사; OTL Kogasa Tatara) is a friend of both Hojyu Nue and Hijili Byakulen. She first appeared as a playable character in 동방요요몽 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom [Dongyang Yoyomong], and then became a playable character since (except in Shoot the Bullet and Double Spoiler where she appears as a boss instead).

Mulasa MinamicheuEdit

Mulasa Minamicheu (무라사 미나미츠; OTL Minamitsu Murasa) is another friend of Nue, Byakulen, and Kogasa. She first appeared as a Stage 5 Midboss and Stage 5 Boss in Mountain of Faith, then as a Stage 5 Midboss in Subterranean Animism. In Undefined Fantastic Object, she became a playable character as well, and also again playable in Dongyang Bisangcheonchig (OTL Touhou Hisoutensoku). She appears as a Boss in Double Spoiler.

Komeiji KoisiEdit

Koishi alt

Komeiji Koisi

Koisi Komeiji (코메이지 코이시; OTL Koishi Komeiji) is a friend of Kogasa Tatala, and thus is also friends with Nue, Byakulen, and Mulasa. She is also has a pretty cheerful personality most of the time, but can get serious at times. She first appeared in Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream as a player character, and later again in The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Immaterial and Missing Power, Imperishable Night, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, Dongyang Bisangcheonchig, and Ten Desires. She also appeared as a Stage 4 Boss in Subterranean Animism. In TTL she does not have a closed third eye altogether.

Other characters that are playable in few gamesEdit

Hosiguma YuugiEdit

Yuugi Hosiguma (호시구마 유우기; OTL Yuugi Hosiguma) appears as a playable character in Immaterial and Missing Power and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. Later, in Subterranean Animism she appears as a Stage 3 boss, and also appears as a boss in Double Spoiler. In TTL, she doesn't have a horn on her forehead as well.

Kaenbyou LinEdit

Lin Kaenbyou (카엔뵤우 린; OTL Rin Kaenbyou) is Koisi Komeiji's pet. She also wears a a cape that's white on the outside and a starry pattern on the inside (the cape is what OTL Utsuho Reiuji has). She appears playable in Dongyang Bisangcheonchig, and appears as a Stage 6 Boss in Subterranean Animism, and as a Stage 8 Boss in Double Spoiler. She was also was (forcibly) granted nuclear powers by Kanako Yeodeolpan, and forced her to help with her plans. However, after Lin Kaenbyou lost against the heroine in Subterranean Animism, Kanako Yeodeolpan got furious.

Buksilanae ChiyuliEdit

Buksilanae Chiyuli (북시라내 치유리; OTL Chiyuri Kitashirakawa [OTL Korean translation:키타시라카와 치유리]) appears in Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream as a playable character and also a Stage 8 Boss in said game. She is also an assistant to Yumemi Okajaki.

Okajaki YumemiEdit

Yumemi Okajaki (오카자키 유메미; OTL Yumemi Okazaki) is a playable character as well as a final boss in Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream. When playing as Hijili Byakulen, it has been noted that Yumemi Okajaki may be her rival. Further evidence is found in a slight preview of the 14th game, though not much is revealed yet. Yumemi Okajaki is also a Hindu as well.

Mediseun MellangkolliEdit

Mediseun Mellangkolli (메디슨 멜랑콜리; OTL Medicine Melancholy) is a spirit (OTL equivalent: Yōkai) poisonous doll. Her first appearance was in Mystic Square, when she was a stage 3 boss. Later on, she appeared as a stage 3 mid-boss in Perfect Cherry Blossom, and Shoot the Bullet. She is playable in Immaterial and Missing Power, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, and Dongyang Bisangcheonchig. She is controlled and maintained by Aelliseu Magateuloideu and thus appears along with her.

Aelliseu MagateuloideuEdit

Aelliseu Magateuloideu (앨리스 마가트로이드; OTL Alice Margatroid) is a magician puppeteer. She controls Mediseun Mellangkolli and thus appears in the same games as her; she appears as a Extra Boss in Mystic Square, Stage 3 Boss in Perfect Cherry Blossom, and Shoot the Bullet. She is also playable in the games that Mediseun Mellangkolli is playable in.

Seuta SapaieoEdit

Seuta Sapaieo (스타 사파이어; OTL Star Sapphire) appears as a Stage 2 Boss in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Stage 1 Mid-boss in Perfect Cherry Blossom, and Stage 2 Mid-Boss in Shoot the Bullet. She's playable in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Dongyang Bisangcheonchig, and Fairy Wars. Seuta Sapaieo has a foolish childishness personality (read: stupidity). This is also taken to the next level in a manual for Phantasmagoria of Flower View, where she is labelled as a ⑧ (Circled 8 or 8-ball); because of this, she is also called an 8-ball. She is also friends with Leti Hwaiteulag. (Basically acting as a Cirno-equivalent. Also, in TTL Seuta Sapaieo has OTL Cirno's ice wings instead)

Miseutia LolellaiEdit

Miseutia Lolellai (미스티아 로렐라이; OTL Mystia Lorelei) is a night death sparrow and appears as a Stage 3 Mid-boss and Stage 3 Boss in Imperishable Night. Her singing is death-metal type and can cause one to not only be deaf, but can also cause death. Due to this power, she has become one of the most difficult Stage 3 Boss in the whole series. She is also playable in Immaterial and Missing Power, Phantasmagoria of Flower View, and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. She is friends with the Peulijeumlibeo se Jamae.

Peulijeumlibeo se JamaeEdit

The Peulijeumlibeo se Jamae (프리즘리버 세 자매; OTL Prismriver Sisters) are three sisters that play instruments. They are: Lunasa Peulijeumlibeo (루나사 프리즘리버; OTL Lunasa Prismriver), Meleullan Peulijeumlibeo (메를란 프리즘리버; OTL Merlin Prismriver), and Lilika Peulijeumlibeo (리리카 프리즘리버; OTL Lyrica Prismriver). Similar to Miseutia Lolellai, they specialise in heavy metal type music. They are playable in Phantasmagoria of Flower View while Meleullan Peulijeumlibeo becomes playable in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody.

Himekaido HatateEdit

Strange and Bright Nature Deity Bunshinsaba Newspaper (Pax Columbia)

Hatate Himekaido's Bunshinsaba Newspaper as it appears in the Dongyang Manhwa Strange and Bright Nature Deity

Hatate Himekaido (히메카이도 하타테; OTL Hatate Himekaidou) is a photographer and uses an advanced cell phone to take pictures; and is also a reporter and runs the Bunshinsaba Newspaper (분신사바 신문; OTL equivalent: Kakashi Spirit News). She appears in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, Shoot the Bullet, Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and Double Spoiler as a playable character. She also appears in Mountain of Faith as a Stage 4 Boss.

Kana AnabelalEdit

Kana Anabelal (카나 아나베랄; OTL Kana Anaberal) appered as a playable character in Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream. Later on, she appeared as a Stage 4 Mid-boss in Perfect Cherry Blossom and later on playable in Immaterial and Missing Power. She is known to be friends with the Peulijeumlibeo Sisters because of this. More evidence is shown in the dialogue after the player defeats the Peulijeumlibeo Sisters.


Mima (미마; OTL Mima) is a ghost, and appears as a Hell Route Stage 10 Boss in Highly Responsive to Prayers, and as the Final Boss in Story of Eastern Wonderland. She appears playable in Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream. Soon after the PC-98 era was over, she was not reference nor seen for a while until Ten Desires. In Ten Desires, she appeared as a Stage 3 Mid-boss.

Yuka KajamiEdit

Yuka Kajami (카자미 유카; OTL Yuuka Kazami) appeared as a Stage 6 Boss in Lotus Land Story and as a playable character in Mystic Square, and later playable again in Phantasmagoria of Flower View. She is nicknamed the 'Flower Master of the Four Seasons' and also her favourite flower is Tulips (in OTL its Sunflowers), as seen by her stage in Phantasmagoria of Flower View.

Sikieiki YamajanaduEdit

Sikieiki Yamajanadu (시키에이키 야마자나두; OTL Shikieiki Yamaxanadu) is a playable character (and a Boss otherwise) in Phantasmagoria of Flower View and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody; and appears as a Stage 10 Mid-boss in Shoot the Bullet. She is also known to slack off most of the time and not really do her job; and is also Komachi's subordinate and is scolded daily because of her laid back lifestyle.

Onojeuka KomachiEdit

Komachi Onojeuka (오노즈카 코마치; OTL Komachi Onozuka) is a playable character (or appears as a Final Boss if playing another character) in Phantasmagoria of Flower View, and appears as a Stage 10 Boss in Shoot the Bullet. She is the boss of Sikieiki Yamajanadu but usually scolds her because of her laziness.

Aya SyameimaluEdit

Aya Syameimalu (샤메이마루 아야; Aya Shameimaru) is a playable character as well as the Spoiler Boss in Double Spoiler. She is a frienemy of Himekaido Hatate. She also runs the Wodeu-Wodeu-Mungu Sinmun (워드-워드-문구 신문 Word-Word-Phrase Newspaper; OTL equivalent: Bunbunmaru Newspaper), in rival to Hatate's Bunshinsaba Newspaper, though her paper is usually having little to no success.

Yakumo YukaliEdit

Yukali Yakumo (야쿠모 유카리; OTL Yukari Yakumo) is the Extra Stage Boss of Perfect Cherry Blossom and is a playable character in Immaterial and Missing Power. She also has a working personality and is also Leimu Hakulei's rival.

Ucheuho LeiujiEdit

Ucheuho Leiuji (레이우지 우츠호; OTL Utsuho Reiuji) is also Koisi Komeiji's pet. She does not wear a cape but has black wings, and she also has a twin braids; and also in TTL she does not have the red "eye" in the centre of her white short-sleeved shirt. She appears as a playable partner in Imperishable Night and as a Stage 5 Boss in Subterranean Animism and warns the player about Lin Kaenbyou newly acquired power. Later appears in Double Spoiler as a Stage 8 Mid-boss. She also is friends with Hojyu Nue and Mulasa Minamicheu. She was also granted nuclear powers by Kanako Yeodeolpan providing that she would beat Seuwako Moliya. She agreed, but when she went to fight Seuwako Moliya, she decided to lose on purpose as she really didn't want to get involved in her conquests, and so Ucheuho lost.

Kumoi IchilinEdit

Ichilin Kumoi (쿠모이 이치린; OTL Ichirin Kumoi) appears as a playable in Imperishable Night and Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. She is a friend of Hijili Byakulen and hangs out at the Myouren Temple once in a while.

Yuyuko SaigyoujiEdit

Yuyuko Saigyouji (사이교우지 유유코; OTL Yuyuko Saigyouji) is a ghostly Samurai that appears as a Stage 5 Mid-boss, Stage 5 Boss, and Stage 6 Mid-boss in Perfect Cherry Blossom and is playable in the same games that Youmu Konpaku is playable in. She is the guardian and friend of Youmu Konpaku.

Youmu KonpakuEdit

Youmu Konpaku (콘파쿠 요우무; OTL Youmu Konpaku) is a Half-Human, Half-Ghost Samurai Ninja. She appears in Imperishable Night and Phantasmagoria of Flower View as a playable character and as a Stage 6 Boss in Perfect Cherry Blossom. She also is playable in Immaterial and Missing Power via download patch and later in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody but already included in the game.

Yeonggang IkuEdit

Iku Yeonggang (영강 옷구; OTL Iku Nagae, OTL Korean Translation: 나가에 이쿠) is a playable character in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. She is a professional dancer. She also seems to get along with most of the other characters and befriends with some of them.

Hinanai HaneulEdit

Haneul Hinanai (히나나이 하늘; OTL Tenshi Hinanawi, OTL Korean Translation: 히나나이 텐시) is also a playable character in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. She is Iku Yeonggang's 'puppet' and as such is under surveillance by her, as Haneul is known to cause huge trouble.

Watacheuki JamaeEdit

The Watacheuki Jamae (와타츠키 자매; OTL Watatsuki Sisters) are sisters. They are: Watacheukino Toyohime (와타츠키노 토요히메; Watatsuki no Toyohime) and Watacheukino Yolihime (와타츠키노 요리히메; OTL Watatsuki no Yorihime). They both appear playable in Imperishable Night and Dongyang Bisangcheonchig though besides that are manhwa-exclusive characters.

Other non-playable charactersEdit

Ibuki SeuikaEdit

Seuika Ibuki (이부키 스이카; OTL Suika Ibuki) is a manhwa-exclusive character. She appears as a secondary character in Strange and Bright Nature Deity, and makes a cameo in a few other Official Dongyang Project manhwa. She, like Yuugi Hosiguma, does not have horns on her head in TTL.

Rin SasseukiEdit

Rin Sasseuki (사쓰키 린; OTL Rin Satsuki) appears as the Extra Stage Boss in The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. She wears a blond hair, a pink blouse with a red under-dress ribbon, as well as haing socks that are a light pink in colour; and is also a nurse. A few of her attacks include Flower Sign and Wind Sign.


Ruukoto (るーこと [Korean translation needed]; OTL Ruukoto) appeared in Hijili Byakulen's Ending of Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream. It was formally Yumemi Okajaki's but decided to give her to Hijili Byakulen as a gift. She later appears in the background of the Myouren Temple in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody, implying that Hijili Byakulen still owns her.


Kiseume (키스메; OTL Kisume) is a powerful Stage 1 Mid-boss appearing in Subterranean Animism. She wears a white collared blouse, and also has a giant bucket that she flies in and attacks (the giant bucket basically acts similar to OTL Bowser's Koopa Clown Car from OTL Super Mario World). She also is friends with Kulodani Yamame. She later appears again in Undefined Fantastic Object as a Stage 3 Mid-boss.

Kulodani YamameEdit

Yamame Kulodani (쿠로다니 야마메; OTL Yamame Kurodani) is a Stage 1 Boss in Subterranean Animism. She later appears again in Undefined Fantastic Object as a Stage 3 Boss.


Chileuno (치르노; OTL Cirno) is a Stage 2 Mid-Boss in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. She is very strong and her attacks are proven tricky to avoid, especially in the higher level setting; and also happens to have a somewhat serious personality along with having more common sense than other fairies. She later appears again as a Boss in Fairy Wars, though much stronger than last time. Her friends include Seoni Milkeu and Luna Chaildeu. (In TTL, she has OTL Star Sapphire's fairy wings.)


Lumia (루미아; OTL Rumia) appears as a Stage 1 Mid-boss, Stage 1 boss, and Extra Stage Mid-boss in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. The first encounter with her as a Stage One Boss she has a ribbon on her head, which seals her true power. However, when approaching her in the Extra Stage, she appears with-out her ribbon thus making her extremely powerful and extremely difficult to beat, even advanced/pro players will have some difficulty trying to beat her.

Seoni MilkeuEdit

Seoni Milkeu (서니 밀크; OTL Sunny Milk) is a manhwa-exclusive character, that is until the release of Fairy Wars, where she appears as one of the Boss. Her friends are Luna Chaildeu and Chileuno.

Luna ChaildeuEdit

Luna Chaildeu (루나 차일드; OTL Luna Child) is a manhwa-exclusive character, that is until the release of Fairy Wars, where she appears as one of the Boss. Her friends are Seoni Milkeu and Chileuno.


Meila (메이라; OTL Meira) is a samurai that appears in Story of Eastern Wonderland as a Stage 2 Boss. She accidentally ran into Hijili Byakulen when trying to look for Leimu Hakulei (하쿠레이 레이무; OTL Reimu Hakurei). So, Meila then tried to fight Byakulen but lost. She ran away since. However, she soon appeared again as a Stage 1 Boss in Undefined Fantastic Object.


Sinki (신키; OTL Shinki) appears as the Final Boss in Mystic Square. She had planned to invade Hwansang shortly after allowing a 'tourist agency' in Magye (마계; OTL Makai) to organise trips for the demons there to travel to Hwansang. However, the plan ultimately failed and she was defeated.

On a side note, there was evidence that Sinki and Hijili Byakulen met each other before long ago, as evidenced in the dialogue exchange in both the original PC-98 version and the re-made Ventana version.

Pachyuli NeollijiEdit

Pachyuli Neolliji (파츄리 널리지; OTL Patchouli Knowledge) is a very powerful Stage 4 Boss appearing in The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, and also appears as a Stage 6 Mid-boss in the same game. She is a very intelligent, asthmatic magician and spends time reading and writing magic books as well as learning new ones. This is seen from her attacks like Master Spark and Puppeteer Sign "Dolls in Sea" , as she has copied/learned it from Kilisame Malisa and Aelliseu Magateuloideu, respectively. She also uses attacks of her own as well. (In TTL she does not have asthma, and also in TTL she has general excellent health.)

Ijayoi SakuyaEdit

Sakuya Ijayoi (이자요이 사쿠야; OTL Sakuya Izayoi) is a House Maid and Chef working in Hongmagwan (홍마관; OTL Scarlet Devil Mansion) for Lemillia Seukalles. She appears as a Stage 5 Boss in The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. She is known to also throw all kinds of knives, mostly butcher knifes and cleavers.

Lemillia SeukallesEdit

Lemillia Seukalles (레밀리아 스칼렛; OTL Remilia Scarlet) is a former vampire appearing as a Stage 6 Boss in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. She is Sakuya Ijayoi's boss and manages Hongmagwan. She is known to be friends with Rin Sasseuki, though Lemillia had to keep her inside the mansion, as she could be a threat to the rest of Hwansang if let out the mansion. (In TTL Lemillia Seukalles has no sister at all)

Leti HwaiteulagEdit

Leti Hwaiteulag (레티 화이트락; OTL Letty Whiterock) is the Stage 1 Boss in Perfect Cherry Blossom. She can only exist in autumn and winter. She is known to be friends with Seuta Sapaieo and to a lesser extent Chileuno. However, Leti Hwaiteulag sometimes got into bit of fights with Chileuno, due to her somewhat serious personality.


Chen (첸; OTL Chen) is Yukali Yakumo's pet and appears as an Extra Stage Mid-boss in Perfect Cherry Blossom. She is also noted of being afraid of birds, especially Miseutia Lolellai.

Yuki & MaiEdit

Yuki & Mai (유키 & 마이; OTL Yuki and Mai) are sisters of each other and both appear as a Stage 4 Boss in Mystic Square. Yuki later appears again as a Stage 2 Mid-boss and Mai a Stage 2 Boss in Perfect Cherry Blossom.

Yakumo LanEdit

Lan Yakumo (야쿠모 란; OTL Ran Yakumo) is another pet of Yukali Yakumo. She appears alongside with Chen in Perfect Cherry Blossom as the Extra Stage Mid-boss 2.

Yagokolo EilinEdit

Eilin Yagokolo (야고코로 에이린; OTL Eirin Yagokoro), also known as Doctor Eilin, is a Pharmacist, appearing as a Final A Boss and Final B Mid-Boss in Imperishable Night. She also has a Om on her hat as well, indicating that she is a Hindu.

Eilin also has a Spell Card named "???? 4" after the aborted third Columbian moon mission launched in April 1970.

Aucun KamisilasawaEdit

Aucun Kamisilasawa (카미시라사와 아니적; OTL Keine Kamishirasawa, OTL Korean Translation: 카미시라사와 케이네) is a Stage 3 Mid-boss, Stage 3 Boss, and Extra Stage Boss in Imperishable Night. She is a Historian Professor and is known for her erasing and creating history. Her name in Korean 아니적 (Anijeog), literally means no enemy. As such, she is known to have erased some of her enemies from her personal history. Not only that, but her official translation of her first name, Aucun, is French for no as well. She's also known to be allied with Eilin Yagokolo.

Holaisan KaguyaEdit

Kaguya Holaisan (호라이산 카구야; OTL Kaguya Houraisan) appears as an Extra Stage Boss in Imperishable Night. She is friends with Aucun Kamisilasawa, who is also her guardian and is also friends with Mokou Hujiwalano (unlike OTL Kaguya Houraisan and Fujiwara no Mokou, who both are bitter enemies of each other).

Hujiwalano MokouEdit

Mokou Hujiwalano (후지와라노 모코우; OTL Fujiwara no Mokou) is a Final B Boss appearing in Imperishable Night. She is friends with Holaisan Kaguya and Yagokolo Eilin. She is also an frienemy of Aucun Kamisilasawa.

Aki Sijeuha & Aki MinolikoEdit

Minoliko Aki and Sijeuha Aki (아키 미노리코 & 아키 시즈하; OTL Minoriko Aki and Shizuha Aki) are sisters that appear as Stage 1 Mid-boss and Stage 1 Boss respectively. They are known to handle extreme heat climates (read: desert). Sijeuha brings the drought while Minoliko brings the cactus (as opposed to OTL Shizuha Aki and Minoriko Aki who both in OTL are basically associated with autumn).

Yeolsoesan HinaEdit

Hina Yeolsoesan (열쇠산 히나; OTL Hina Kagiyama, OTL Korean Translation: 카기야마 히나) is a Stage 3 Mid-Boss and Stage 3 Boss in Mountain of Faith and later a Stage 2 Mid-boss in Double Spoiler. On her dress she carry the symbol '액' (in OTL it's '厄' and it looks like a swirl. Also, both 厄 and 액 means Misfortune). She can store up and can give a curse to anyone.

Nitoli NaeseongEdit

Nitoli Naeseong (내성 니토리; OTL Nitori Kawashiro, OTL Korean translation: 카와시로 니토리) appears as a Stage 3 Boss in Mountain of Faith. She was also noted for being the most technologically backwards a very long time ago, as she used to create mediaeval weapons (such as the bow and arrow). However after she met Yukali Yakumo, she soon became the most technologically advanced then all the other characters in the series. In Mountain of Faith, almost all of her attacks are technology-based. Every-time she uses a Nuclear/Atom based attack, the alarm with the text Radiation warning symbol PRECAUCIÓN!! Radiation warning symbol would appear. That same warning text would appear when Lin Kaenbyou uses her Nuclear-based attacks in Subterranean Animism (and on Lunatic Mode, it appears when Ucheuho Leiuji uses her nuclear-based attacks as well). (Nitoli's last name in Korean means river(내) castle(성)).

Kahidatuda MomijiEdit

Momiji Kahidatuda (가히다투다 모미지; OTL Momiji Inubashiri, OTL Korean translation: 이누바시리 모미지) appears as a Stage 4 Mid-boss in Mountain of Faith and a Stage 4 Mid-boss in Double Spoiler. She is also a guardian of Hatate Himekaido.

Moliya SeuwakoEdit

Seuwako Moliya (모리야 스와코; OTL Suwako Moriya) appears as a Stage 6 Boss and Extra Stage Mid-boss in Mountain of Faith. She is the Goddess of Moliya Temple. In the Great Seuwa War, Seuwako Moliya had guarded her temple when Kanako Yeodeolpan attempted to invade and take over, but Seuwako was able to achieve crushing victory and defeated Kanako Yeodeolpan.

Kanako YeodeolpanEdit

Kanako Yeodeolpan (여덟판 카나코; OTL Kanako Yasaka; OTL Korean translation: 야사카 카나코) appears as an Extra Stage Boss in Mountain of Faith. Afterwards, Kanako Yeodeolpan became nothing more than a Rump state but was allowed to remain at the Moliya Temple. Later on, she had given Ucheuho Leiuji nuclear powers providing that she would help her re-fight Seuwako Moliya and so she did. However, Ucheuho Leiuji secretly lost on purpose when fighting Seuwako Moliya and was able to run away keeping some of her powers. After hearing Ucheuho's loss, Kanako Yeodeolpan decided to give Lin Kaenbyou nuclear powers. However Lin Kaenbyou refused, and so Kanako went and granted more powers to her whether she liked it or not. After hearing her loss in Subterranean Animism Kanako got furious. In a short preview of Dongyang 14, it is known that Kanako Yeodeolpan took Lin Kaenbyou away and had given her more greater powers...

Hun MéjlinEdit

Hun Méjlin (홍 메이링, Хун Мэйлин; OTL Hong Meiling) is a Russian Guardian of the Hongmagwan. She appears as a Stage 3 Mid-boss and Stage 3 Boss in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. She is also known to keep on the sharp lookout for intruders and tries her best to not let them through without permission. Noted in Méjlin's win quotes in Dongyang Bisangcheonchig, she takes boastful pride in Russia.


Soagma (소악마; OTL Koakuma) is a Stage 4 Mid-boss and Stage 5 Mid-boss in Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. She is known to be an assistant of both Sakuya Ijayoi and Pachyuli Neolliji.

Zombie de HadasEdit

Zombie de Hadas (좀비 페어리; OTL Zombie Fairy) is an fairy appearing in Subterranean Animism. They appear mainly in Lin Kaenbyou Spell Card, Cursed Sprite "Zombie Fairy" (주정「좀비 페어리」). However, they have also appeared around in Stage 5 along the route to Ucheuho Leiuji. Unlike the Zombie de Hadas that appear with Lin Kaenbyou, they can be defeated completely in Stage 5.

Utazás InabaEdit

Utazás Inaba (여행 이나바; OTL Reisen Udongein Inaba, OTL Korean Translation: 레이센 우동게인 이나바) is a Stage 5 Boss in Imperishable Night. She is a known former Businesswoman, as evidenced by her dress in the game, but went into exile into Yeongwon Jeong (영원정; OTL Eientei). (In TTL, she has no rabbit ears either, and just normal ears)

Komeiji SatoliEdit

Satoli Komeiji (코메이지 사토리; OTL Satori Komeiji), is an Extra Stage Boss in Subterranean Animism. She usually lives in Jilyeong (지령; OTL Palace of the Earth Spirits, 地霊殿 Chireiden) She is mostly a Sadist, Cold-Hearted person, unlike her sister (Koisi Komeiji). Regardless, Koisi Komeiji does try to get her to be her former self again (kind-hearted, cheerful, friendly etc.), albeit it's a slow progress. (In TTL, she does not have a third eye either.)

Mijeuhasi PaleusiEdit

Paleusi Mijeuhasi (미즈하시 파르시; OTL Parsee Mizuhashi) appears as a Stage 2 Boss in Subterranean Animism. She usually guards the bridge to Jeon Jabongeum (전자본금; OTL Former Capital/Ancient City, 旧都 Kyuuto) making sure of no suspicious passes by.

Maria KilisameEdit

Maria Kilisame (키리사메 마리사 Kilisame Malisa; OTL Marisa Kirisame) is a magician appearing as a Stage 6 Boss in Unidentified Fantastic Object and as a Stage 12 Mid-boss in Double Spoiler. She is known to steal a lot of goods and used the Airship to transport them elsewhere but soon was forced to returned the stolen goods after she was defeated in Unidentified Fantastic Object.

Leimu HakuleiEdit

Leimu Hakulei (하쿠레이 레이무; OTL Reimu Hakurei) is a Shrine Maiden that appears as an Extra Stage Boss in Unidentified Fantastic Object. She was on her quest to exterminate spirits until she ran into Byakulen, Nue, Kogasa, and Mulasa. As she approached them, she tried to defeat them at full power but failed miserably. However she showed a sign that she was not defeated truly and as such made her escape.

Sanae KochiyaEdit

Sanae Kochiya (코치야 사나에; OTL Sanae Kochiya) is another Shrine Maiden that appears as an Extra Stage Mid-boss in Unidentified Fantastic Object. She is Leimu's friend and faithful ally, and helps her in her quests and plans. However, after upon her defeat in Unidentified Fantastic Object, she decided to surrender. However upon defeating Leimu Hakulei, she also takes Sanae with her and both escaper together.

Kasodani KyokoEdit

Kyoko Kasodani (카소다니 쿄코; OTL Kyouko Kasodani) appears a Stage 1 Mid-boss and Stage 1 Boss in Ten Desires. She works at the Myouren Temple as well. Before that she used to work at the Hakulei Shrine but ran away after Leumi got bit more threatening.

Miyako YosikaEdit

Yosika Miyako (미야코 요시카; OTL Yoshika Miyako) appears as a Stage 2 Boss in Ten Desires. She is mostly a Zombie though despite this she does not eat humans/people.

Seiga KakuEdit

Seiga Kaku (카쿠 세이가; OTL Seiga Kaku) appears as a Stage 3 Boss in Ten Desires. She is known to go through objects as if she was a ghost, and can teleport as well.

Sogano TojikoEdit

Sogano Tojiko (소가노 토지코; OTL Soga no Tojiko) appears as a Stage 4 Boss in Ten Desires. She is known to control thunderstorms as well, mainly thunder and lightning.

Mononobeno HutoEdit

Mononobeno Huto (모노노베노 후토; OTL Mononobe no Futo) appears as a Stage 4 Mid-boss and Stage 5 Boss in Ten Desires. She is an expert at most Asian fighting skills (Taekwondo, Kung Fu, etc.) and can manipulate feng shui as well.

Toyosatomimino MikoEdit

Toyosatomimino Miko (토요사토미미노 미코; OTL Toyosatomimi no Miko) appears as a Stage 6 Boss in Ten Desires. She was known to used to spread Hinduism and Buddhism to other places until Seiga Kaku taught her about Taoism. Since then, she herself became less influenced by both Hindu and Buddhist.

Hutacheuiwa MamijouEdit

Mamijou Hutacheuiwa (후타츠이와 마미조우; OTL Mamizou Futatsuiwa) appears as an Extra Stage Boss in Ten Desires. She is Nue Hojyu's friend as well. It is noted that when selecting the Extra Stage mode from the Main Menu, and when selecting a character, Nue Hojyu does not appear at all to choose from.

Other minor charactersEdit

None of these characters have any major role and most only appear in one game (as of now). Also, most are not playable in any of the games except for those who appear in Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream, who happen to be also playable.

  • Singyoku (신교쿠; OTL SinGyoku)
  • Yugen Magan (유겐 마간; OTL YuugenMagan)
  • Elliseu (엘리스; OTL Elis) [not to be confused with Aelliseu Magateuloideu]
  • Saliel (사리엘; OTL Sariel)
  • Kikuli (키쿠리; OTL Kikuri)
  • Genji (겐지; OTL Genji) - Former pet and ally of Leimu Hakulei. Adopted by Byakulen Hijili.
  • Lika (리카; OTL Rika)
  • Elen (에렌; OTL Ellen)
  • Kotohime (코토히메; OTL Kotohime)
  • Asakula Likako (아사쿠라 리카코; OTL Rikako Asakura)
  • Olenji (오렌지; OTL Orange)
  • Kulumi (쿠루미; OTL Kurumi)
  • Elli (엘리; OTL Elly)
  • Mugecheu (무게츠; OTL Mugetsu)
  • Gengecheu (겐게츠; OTL Gengetsu)
  • Sala (사라; OTL Sara)
  • Luijeu (루이즈; OTL Louise)
  • Konngara (콘가라; OTL Konngara)


NEC PC-9801Edit

The Dongyang series of games started on the Korean PC-98 series of computers and its first five entries are native to that platform. Also, the PC-9801 series of computers was already on the decline when these games were released. However, the five games were re-made and released in 2006 for the Wallsoft Ventana platform.

동방영이전 ~ Highly Responsive to Prayers (동방1)Edit

The first game of the Dongyang series, released in 1995. It is not a vertical top-down shooter like most other games in the series, and is similar to Arkanoid instead. Hijili Byakulen, the protagonist, was introduced in this game. Hijili Byakulen enters through the gateway into another world, intent on locating and punishing the one responsible for destroying her flying ship. Players direct a magic scroll firing amulets and bullets to break away blocks and the level is over once all of them are gone. Bosses are defeated by using the magic scroll into them until their life is fully depleted.

The game also has increasing difficulty after each level, with boss fight occurring every 6th stage and also two selectable paths, both featuring unique stages, bosses, and endings.

동방봉마록 ~ the Story of Eastern Wonderland (동방2)Edit

The second Dongyang game released in August 1997 at Komigmakes (코믹 마켓) 51. This is the first danmaku game of the series, and also marks the first appearance of Hojyu Nue (here as the third-to-last boss), the second major player character of the series. The resident Buddhist monk Hijili Byakulen returns from a training session in the mountains only to find the Myouren Temple overrun by a contingent of ghosts and spirits [TTL spirit is an equivalent to OTL Yōkai]. Excited at the opportunity to test her fledgling abilities, she takes the powerful Magic Scroll and takes off to seek out the source of the invasion. The game-play is generally the same as Eastern Wonderland throughout the rest of the series.

The game features four distinct attack types to choose from: a wide-range type with normal attack power, a mid-range type with moderate attack power but lowered movement speed, a narrow-range type with high attack power with auto-targeting capabilities, and a huge range type with low attack power. The game also features a smaller hitbox, boss characters who are not much larger than the player character however are highly mobile, a power-up system, variable-worth point items, an unlockable Extra Stage, and a semi-complex scoring system. From then on these new features would appear in the future games.

동방몽시공 ~ Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream (동방3)Edit

A two-player versus-type shooter the game is labelled as the third Dongyang game, released in December 1997. Hijili Byakulen discovers that some mysterious ruins have suddenly appeared just outside of the Myouren Temple. She joins in a violent competition with the other people who want to explore them—it is said that the one who reaches the heart of the ruins first will win a fantastic prize. However when the winner reaches it, Buksilanae Chiyuli (북시라내 치유리; OTL Chiyuri Kitashirakawa [OTL Korean translation:키타시라카와 치유리]) and Okajaki Yumemi (오카자키 유메미; OTL Yumemi Okazaki), residents from the Outside World via Space Hypervessel. This does not really please Hijili Byakulen, and is less then acceptable for the other heroines.

Phantasmagoria of Dim.Dream is also the first game in the Dongyang series to feature bombs that auto-collect items and graze counting.

동방환상향 ~ Lotus Land Story (동방4)Edit

The fourth game of the series, released in August 1998. This game introduces the focus mode, a staple of the series hereafter, that slows the sprite's movement to facilitate dodging bullets. Following the events of the previous games, the magical land of Hwansang is once again at peace until spirits begin to swarm the Myouren Temple and a tremendous power surges from beneath a lake high in the mountains. The Buddhist monk Hijili Byakulen once again seeks out and eliminate the source of the disturbance, only on this occasion she is unwittingly joined by her old rival (who soon becomes her best friend), Hojyu Nue. The two reach the gateway underneath the lake, which warps them to a strange dream world, in which the mansion Monghwangwan (몽환관; "Mansion of Fantasies") exists, where the mastermind supposedly is.

Anyway the game features two playable characters, Hijili Byakulen and Hojyu Nue, with three different attack types each.

Lotus Land Story's scoring system also introduces the instance of score bonuses for the elimination of bullets following the defeat of mid-bosses and bosses.

동방괴기담 ~ Mystic Square (동방5)Edit

The fifth and final Dongyang game for the PC-98, released in December 1998. Yumemi Okajaki and Yuka Kajami appear as playable characters in this game, along with Hijili Byakulen and Hojyu Nue. As so often is the case in Dongyang games, something is amiss within Hwansang. A massive quantity of demons are pouring from a cave high within the mountains. Seeking the source of this invasion, Hijili Byakulen and co. must go to Magye (마계; OTL Makai) and travel through the fortress Bogmajeon (복마전; OTL Pandemonium) to confront the one behind the problem, which is Sinki.

In the original PC-98, there was no dialogue exchange between Hijili Byakulen and Sinki at all, and the battle just begun and ended, and '...' was the only dialogue between them. In the re-made Ventana version, there is some dialogue exchange but not much. However, there is a bit of evidence that Sinki may have taught Byakulen a few danmaku attack/patterns at one point.


After Mystic Square, the Dongyang Project became inactive for four years while its creator ZUN began to develop a few music scores for the Seojjog Project (서쪽 프로젝트; OTL equivalent: 西方 [Seihou] Project) games. He then left the group and made Dongyang games for Ventana under his own group, Team Nanjing Fulanita. The playability of the Ventana games was substantially improved compared to their PC-98 counterparts. Most dōjin works derived from the Dongyang series are centred on these games.

In TTL few more of the characters from the PC-98 make, at very least, either a reference [via dialogue] or a cameo appearance in some of the Ventana games. An example is when Ruukoto appears in the background of the Myouren Temple in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. Aside from returning characters Hijili Byakulen, Hojyu Nue, Yuka Kajami, and Koisi Komeiji; the other few characters that appear/reference to are Ruukoto, Meila (메이라; OTL Meira), Kana Anabelal (카나 아나베랄; OTL Kana Anaberal), Mima (미마; OTL Mima), Yuki & Mai; and in a small preview of Dongyang 14, Yumemi Okajaki and Sinki are seen as well.

동방홍마향 ~ The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil (동방6)Edit

Main Article: The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil

This is the sixth Dongyang game and the first on Ventana. It greatly exceeded the PC-98 games graphically, switched from FM Synthesis to synthesized PCM music (with simplified midi as a fall-back). The story [Prologue] is; During a peaceful summer in Hwansang, an unnatural scarlet mist appears without warning and covers much of the land. It is strong enough to block out the sun, causing the affected areas to become dark and cold with blizzards. Hijili Byakulen, Hojyu Nue, and Koisi Komeiji, set out to find the source of the mist. Their search will lead them to Hongmagwan (홍마관; OTL Scarlet Devil Mansion) and to its eccentric owners...

This game is also noted as one of the more (if not most) difficult Dongyang games in the series due to a few of the Mid-bosses being very strong (ex. Chileuno - Stage 2 Mid-boss and Lumia - Extra Stage Mid-boss). This is even seen in Easy mode, as some mid-bosses and bosses still take quite a bit of time to defeat.

동방요요몽 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom (동방7)Edit

Main Article: Perfect Cherry Blossom

The seventh Dongyang game in the series, and also the first game to gather a substantial Western fanbase. The game features a new playable character, Kogasa Tatala (which since her appearance became a playable character since, except in Shoot the Bullet and Double Spoiler), along with Hijili Byakulen and Hojyu Nue. The game features an never-ending winter, which by the Sixth Month there is still no signs of Spring, and no signs indicating that Summer is approaching, either. Hijili Byakulen, Hojyu Nue, and Kogasa Tatala all become very tired from staying inside the Myouren Temple through most of the day, they head out to investigate and hope to bring an end to this never-ending winter.

동방췌몽상 ~ Immaterial and Missing Power (동방7.5)Edit

This game was produced in collaboration with Hwanghon Peulontieo (황혼 프론티어; OTL Twilight Frontier), and is the 7.5th Dongyang game in the series. Immaterial and Missing Power is a 2D fighting game instead of the usual scrolling shooter. Though Team Nanjing Fulanita was only responsible for the storyline, some artwork for some characters, and some of the music, the game has been listed as one of the team's official works, as it is part of a story-line connecting the events from after Perfect Cherry Blossom and events before Imperishable Night.

Playable characters in this game include some of the characters from previous Ventana games, such as the protagonists Hijili Byakulen, Hojyu Nue, and Kogasa Tatala. Other characters that are playable include Yuugi Hosiguma, Mediseun Mellangkolli, Aelliseu Magateuloideu, Kana Anabelal, Koisi Komeiji, Miseutia Lolellai, and Yukali Yakumo. Some of these characters become playable as the player finishes the story mode with the initially playable characters, and so on. An official patch to the game adds Youmu Konpaku (콘파쿠 요우무; OTL Youmu Konpaku) as a playable character, and is also available in the story mode.

동방영야초 ~ Imperishable Night (동방8)Edit

Main Article: Imperishable Night

This is the eighth Dongyang game. It was released in August 2004. This story's focus is on a rather more insidious evil than past games. Hwansang's yearly event, the Luna-viewing Feast, is only one dawn away, but someone seems to have replaced luna with a fake that will not grow full nor rotate.

In this entry, each of the usual playable characters gets a team-mate. Hijili Byakulen allies with her other friend Kumoi Ichilin; Hojyu Nue with Ucheuho Leiuji; and Kogasa Tatala brings her best friend, Koisi Komeiji. The new teams include half-ghost Youmu Konpaku and full-ghost Yuyuko Saigyouji; Watacheukino Toyohime and Watacheukino Yolihime, all who volunteered to help the rest as well.

동방화영총 ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View (동방9)Edit

This is the ninth Dongyang game. It was released in August 2005. This game is a versus-type shooter like Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream, and has very different gameplay from the past three entries in the series. The story puts the characters in an investigation on why the flowers of Hwansang are blooming out of season and more than usual. Initially playable characters include Byakulen, Nue and Kogasa as usual along with Koisi Komeiji, but the list adds on as the player progresses in the storyline of each of the players.

동방문화첩 ~ Shoot the Bullet (동방9.5)Edit

This is the 9.5th game in the series. It was released on December 2005. The game is meant to be the game version of the official fanbook, Bohemian Archive in Korean Green. The player, as reporter Hatate Himekaido, is tasked with taking pictures of bosses for her Bunshinsaba Newspaper to clear successively more difficult stages. The game is somewhat unique as the camera is the main method of offence and defence as it clears bullets from the screen. However, the bosses also need to be defeated after taking the last photo to move on.

동방풍신록 ~ Mountain of Faith (동방10)Edit

Main Article: Mountain of Faith

This is the tenth Dongyang game. It was released in 2007. Byakulen receives a help letter from Seuwako Moliya to help deal with a certain hostile troublemaker (Kanako Yeodeolpan) as she has plans to crush the Myouren Temple and take it over. As either Byakulen, Nue, or Kogasa the player has to ascend to the top of Yogoeui San (요괴의 산; OTL Yōkai Mountain) to find the hostile troublemaker behind the happenings and prevent the temple from being taken over.

Each playable character has two weapon types to choose from, with personalised spell-card bombs. Collecting power items results in an increase in "option" satellites around the character (for a total of five), which behave differently according to the character and weapon type.

동방비상천 ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (동방10.5)Edit

This is the second versus fighting game similar to Immaterial and Missing Power and the 10.5th Dongyang game by Team Nanjing Fulanita and Hwanghon Peulontieo. It was released on 2008. The storyline in the game revolves around the strange, and sometimes threatening, weather patterns occurring around Hwansang and as the characters are chosen in the game, they must find out who is controlling it. This is the first game to introduce the various card deck system and changing weather conditions that affects the game-play during matches. The game features up to 15 playable characters total.

동방지령전 ~ Subterranean Animism (동방11)Edit

Main Article: Subterranean Animism

This is the eleventh Dongyang game. It was released in 2008. A mysterious geyser appears one day near the Myouren Temple, which also seems to spout evil spirits from underground. Byakulen, Nue, or Kogasa go underground with the help of one of two others (Yukali Yakumo or Ichilin Kumoi for Byakulen; Hatate Himekaido or Iku Yeonggang for Nue; Miseutia Lolellai or Yuyuko Saigyouji for Kogasa) and stop the source of the geyser before things get far too out of hand.

동방성련선 ~ Undefined Fantastic Object (동방12)Edit

Main Article: Undefined Fantastic Object

This is the twelfth Dongyang game and was released in 2009. It is summer in Hwansang and some unusual violent thunderstorms have appeared, and an airship known to bring bad luck has appeared. It is up to Byakulen, Nue, Kogasa, and Mulasa to travel and see what all the commission is about. The game also features the 'Undefined Fantastic Objects' which appear as UFOs in three colours (purple, sky blue, and green) and must be collected in order to obtain bonuses.

동방비상천칙 ~ 초대형 기뇰의 수수께끼를 찾아서 (Dongyang Bisangcheonchig) (동방12.3)Edit

The third versus fighting game and the 12.3rd Dongyang game done by Team Nanjing Fulanita and Hwanghon Peulontieo. It was released in 2009. The game introduces new spell cards and weather conditions as well as improved game-play and graphics. Characters from Scarlet Weather Rhapsody and can be played in versus mode if that game is installed, and older characters who appeared in Immaterial and Missing Power but didn't make an appearance in Scarlet Weather Rhapsody are brought back as well. The story mode, which is playable with Lin Kaenbyou, Seuta Sapaieo, and Mulasa Minamicheu, revolves around a strange spirit, which piqued the interest of the inhabitants of Hwansang. Both Lin and Seuta Sapaieo's scenarios involve the investigation of the strange spirit and it's source. Mulasa's scenario involves fighting a suspicious spirit in Joechaeggam Yujeog (죄책감 유적; OTL Ruins of Vina) who wanted to conquer and control. This is the only Dongyang game in the series to not have an official Spanish subtitle.

더블 스포일러 ~ 동방문화첩 (Double Spoiler) (동방12.5)Edit

This is the 12.5th game in the series and was released in 2010. The game focuses again on Hatate Himekaido and is meant as a sequel to Shoot the Bullet as it has a same game-play style but adds new characters and spell cards, covering most characters from Mountain of Faith onwards. Aya Syameimalu can be unlocked as a playable character upon defeating the Story Mode in any difficulty.

요정대전쟁 ~ 동방삼월정 (Fairy Wars) (동방12.8)Edit

This is the 12.8th game in the series. The game is the continuation of the Dongyang Samwoljeong (동방삼월정; OTL 東方三月精 [Touhou Sangetsusei] ~ Oriental Sacred Place) manhwa series and was released 2010. Seuta Sapaieo is the main character of the game and the game-play is focused on vertical shooting with the inclusion of the ability to destroy bullets.

동방신령묘 ~ Ten Desires (동방13)Edit

This is the thirteenth game in the series. It was released on August 13, 2011. Byakulen, Nue and Kogasa are once again playable as they were in the latest main instalment in the franchise Undefined Fantastic Object joined by Koisi Komeiji as a fourth playable character. In this game, Byakulen, Nue and Kogasa notice an increase in divine spirits and take off to investigate and defend the Myouren Temple. Koisi Komeiji also helps out in defending the Myouren Temple but decides to send them to send them to Myeonggye (명계; OTL Netherworld), which in the end causes some trouble with Youmu Konpaku.

동방심기루 ~ Hopeless Masquerade (동방14)Edit

This is the fourteenth game in the series. It was released on October 3rd, 2012. Byakulen & Nue, Kogasa & Koisi Komeiji, Satoli Komeiji & Toyosatomimino Miko, and Seiga & Hina are playable in this game. In this game, the human village has fallen into disorder, chaos and nihilism due to a strange power coming from the North. Believing that religion can restore order Byakulen (Buddhist), Kogasa (Taoist), and Satoli (Shinto) are set to investigate but they don't go alone. Meanwhile, Seiga & Hina (Hindu) attempt to restore order first but are forced to find the cause as well. This game is unique as it splits into two different paths, something not seen since the PC-98 era.

=동방휘침성 ~ Double Dealing Character (동방15)Edit

This is the fifteenth game in the series.


The plots of the Dongyang Project revolve around the strange phenomena that occur in the fictional realm of Hwansang (환상향; means "Land of Illusions" or "Land of Fantasy"), which ZUN designed with a small city in the grounds of some mountain areas in Korea. Originally, it was simply called "a remote separated land of a small city in an eastern country." Long before the Dongyang Project's story begins, there lived many non-humans like spirits as well as some humans in the area. After a few humans lost their way into Hwansang, humans became afraid of approaching this area, although very few others settled here for the sake of spirit extermination. However, as time went on, humans developed civilization and slowly rose in number. Later, 800 years before Perfect Cherry Blossom (PCB), the spirit sage Yukali Yakumo developed the "toll of phantasm and substance," which was favoured by spirits and protected the immigration. This was called the "Spirit Expansion Project" and made Hwansang a phantasmal world that automatically called out to the weakened spirit of the outside world. Other things that disappear from the outside world, like extinct animals, lost tools, and architecture, also became abundant in Hwansang. Since Hwansang was a plot of land in Korea that was separated by a toll gate, it is Korea that is immediately outside of this Toll Gate.

As a result of the toll gate, Hwansang became mostly very expensive to get into from the outside world, and similarly, those in Hwansang were unable to leave as most didn't have the money to do so. Hwansang's existence was confirmed from the outside world, and vice versa. Despite this result, the isolated community developed its own civilization, different from that of the outside world. Although separated by a toll gate, it is a bordering world to its outside, as opposed to being in a parallel universe. There are no seas in Hwansang, since it is an inland mountain. In Hwansang, there are some humans, and various kinds of spirits.

In present Hwansang, magical and spiritual qualities prevail, along with some technology. The only known gateway from the outside world into Hwansang is the Hijili Toll on the border of Hwansang, not far from Myouren Temple. The "Great Hijili Toll," managed by Hijili Byakulen, was constructed several decades before PCB, which is described as a "Toll Gate of common sense," and is thus a very expensive Toll Gate that not even average-salary earning spirits can pass through. The spirits were at first against its construction, but then gradually understood its usefulness.

Reception and fan worksEdit

A prodigious amount of derivative works based on Dongyang have been created since the release of Mystic Square. These include dōjinshi, dōjin music, MAD movies, dōjin Korean Animation, and dōjin games (despite the Dongyang games themselves are dōjin games). The vast scope of Dongyang derivatives prompted commentary, noting that Dongyang Project became an unmissable aspect of Korean consumer generated media. ZUN, for the most part, had acknowledged, appreciated, and even encouraged these derivative works by requesting that proper attribution to Team Shanghai Alice is a recommendation.

The dōjin games based on Dongyang include adaptations of other game series' mechanics with Dongyang characters, such as Kogasa's Land (2D Platform), Final Temple (RPG game) etc.. Dongyang's music is also extremely popular and many arrangement CDs can be found for sale at Korean conventions and Korean stores.

A major meme that grew out from the Dongyang fandom is "Neugeushage Iss-Eo!" (느긋하게 있어!, often translated as "Take it easy!!!"), involving disembodied bun-heads of Dongyang characters, which originated from a disfigured attempt to draw the main characters Byakuren and Nue with Shift JIS art. They were so popular that the phrase "Neugeushage Iss-Eo!" won silver for 2008's "Net Slang of the Year" in Korea. The bun-heads, which became known as "neugeushage", also appear in Internet advertisements, the Korean animiation Yeoleum-ui Pogpung! (여름의 폭풍!; OTL Natsu no Arashi!) and Pani Poni Dash!, and most notably, the front page of 8channel, the largest Internet forum in the world.

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