Timeline: Pure Arabica
Dong-pa No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
(and largest city)
Language Chinese
Religion Buddhism, Daoism, Shinto
Government Democracy
Population 75,161,934 
Currency Yuan

The Dōnghanguo is the easternmost Chinese nation. Located between the Shāndōng Mountains and the Ningjing, or Tranquil Ocean, the eastern provinces, or Guangzhou as they're referred to collectively, serve as a cornucopia of agricultural land, providing rice and vegetables for the whole of North America, with significant exports from Guangwanjing, the capital on the twin peninsulas.

The Dōnghanguo is nominally independent, enjoying de facto freedom from the Zhongguo since the 1800's. Recent tensions have arisen under the reign of Emir Ruunaat of Al-Metshique, who has sought to exert control over Dōnghanguo, sparking the ire of the Emperor in Xingjing (Shanghai).


Chinese sailors reported discovery of what was known at the time as Xingdōngjiang or the New East Frontier as early as 1400. The great northern route was developed with Chinese trading posts dotting the coast of Kamchatka, Alaska or Bingguo (Ice Land) and down the Tranquil Coast of the Northern Continent.

A brisk trade had developed by 1555 between the homeland and the new territories. As with other ethnic groups, the Chinese quickly assimilated the varying cultures of native peoples and brought civilization to the region.

Over the course of three centuries the influence of the Chinese built and crossed from the fertile valleys of the coast into the high mountains. By 1800 convoys of rice were being shipped to the homeland, stopping off in Hawaii to trade with the locals and restock before the long voyage home on the newly discovered Central Route.