Dōng Zhōngguó - East China
Timeline: timeline

OTL equivalent: California, Baja California, Nevada, southern parts of Oregon and Idaho
Flag of Dongguo
(and largest city)
皇帝灣 (Huángdì Wān) - OTL San Francisco
Other cities 城龍 (Chéng Lóng) - OTL Los Angeles
  others Japanese (in the north)
Emperor Jin Yuzhang
Prime Minister Lai Jun
Area 1336664 km²
Population 45652944 
Independence February 1912
Currency Eastern Yuan

When word of the "New World" reached China via traders from Europe, the Emperor announced that he would award lavishly anyone who was able to claim land for China. This set off a scramble which resulted in no less than four separate colonies being set up along the west coast of North America. Now unified, the nation elects its own Prime Minister, but acknowledges the authority of the Emperor-in-Exile Jin Yuzhang. And while tensions with the Japanese to the north remain high, the nation is at peace with its neighbors.

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