Donald Rumsfeld
President of the United States
Term of Office: 1968 - 1983
Predecessor: Lyndon B Johnson.
Date of birth: July 9th 1932
Place of birth: Evanston, Illinois, United States of America

Donald Rumsfeld was one of the most controversial US Presidents in American history. On one hand, he was a skillful diplomat, preventing nuclear war and shutting down biological weapons at the exact same time. On the other, he funded partisans and militants, which caused disorder and soured relations with the other two Super-powers which would be trouble for the US to the present day. It is for history to judge him, many would say.


Donald Rumsfeld was born on July 9th 1932, in Evanston, Illinois, the son of Johnathan Rumsfeld, a successful businessman who did well during the Great depression. Rumsfeld was a very smart boy who went to Yale. When he was 14, Rumsfeld went to Albany, New York state to visit family, and witnessed the atomic destruction of New York on March 4th. The memory of this stayed with him for the rest of his life.

Early political career

Rumsfeld first entered Politics in 1958 when he became the Illinois congressman. He successfully got a bill passed that would scrap the Federal Reserve Act alongside legislation that would create the space program.

President of the United States

Rumsfeld was sworn in as the 37th president in 1968, and immediately began a new foreign policy. Previously, all the US presidents had been isolationists, accepting the course of the war and trying to find a new rapprochement with the Axis powers, while keeping the US out of the way. His policy was making the US into a superpower once again (the Treaty of Tokyo being forgotten by the Nazis and Japanese). He would also be the first president to go be interviewed by playboy during his presidency, which was about his foreign policy and during which he infamously admitted to fathering a child out of wedlock during his time at Yale. However, the Kid from Congress (due to his age) would be the longest serving president in history. Some say that his legacy was driving a wedge between Germany and Japan and ensuring that America lasted to the present day. He would also court controversy because he ended every speech in the US congress with "Ceterum Censeum Carthaginem Esse Delendam", in the style of Cato, with everyone knowing what Carthage meant.

The Hondoras Missile Crisis

The Hondoras Missile Crisis was Rumsfeld's biggest challenge, and some would say his finest Hour.

The Nordland Civil War

When contact was made with the Nordland Liberation Army (NLA), Rumsfeld immediately gave his full support to the movement. Arms were sent via submarines, that sailed from Canada to the Northern Islands, where the weapons were handed over. He was the strongest protester after Stockholm was razed by the Luftwaffe. after the German army intervened, with its powerful battle tanks and destroyed Army Group C, Appeals were made to America to supply them with Anti-Tank weapons that could deal with the German Tanks. Rumsfeld courageously Handed over several of the brand new AT5 Wire guided Anti-Tank Missile, which had only just entered Service with the US Army.

The civil disturbances

The Quarantine of San Francisco was ordered by him during the height of the free love era because of HIV/AIDS having a high correlation there. This caused his approval ratings to go down lower than Harry Truman himself. While some say it was necessary because of HIV/AIDS, many argue that it was done so he could "shut up those god damn flower children" (the Watergate tapes which ATL exposed his dealings with the IRA and Al-Qaeda recorded these conversations). Senator Ted Kennedy tried to impeach Rumsfeld, but Rumsfeld was acquitted by 3 votes (Two thirds majority required to convict). After the 1980 elections, Watergate was forgotten about. Many saw Kennedy's attempted impeachment as sour grapes over losing the 1972 elections.


The onus of being US president was too much for him and he died of a heart attack in New York while answering a loaded question given to him by a heckler (the heckler would later on be revealed to be a Japanese spy).

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