Don Juan Carlos
Cabeza de Barangay Santa Cruz
Chief of the Southern Barangays
Reign 1716-1718 (as Southern Barangay Chief)
1718-unknown (as Santa Cruz barangay chief)
Coronation 1716
Full name Juan Carlos y Enrique
Baptism 1711
Successor Hernán Colón
Consort to Rosalía Lorenzo
Royal House House of Manila
House of Tondo
Dynasty Sulayman Dynasty
House of Bourbon
Religious beliefs Roman Catholicism

Juan Carlos y Enrique sometimes known by Juan de Carlos was the leader of the barangays south of the Pasig River from 1716-1718, and later the cabeza (chief leader) of the Santa Cruz barangay.

He is descended from the Sulayman Dynasty, a Muslim dynasty that ruled Manila. His father, Carlos Safaruddin was the seventh sultan of Manila.


Juan contains Tagalog, Tausūg, Spanish and Malay origin and Spanish origin. He was born to Don Carlos Safaruddin and Carrola López in Manila on 1710, the site of the former sultanate and today the capital of the Philippines with an older brother Fernando. The sultanate had ended around his father's reign over the barangays south of the Pasig River which were once thriving Muslim settlements.

his father, Carlos Safurddin was the seventh and last presumed-Sultan of Manila and his mother, Carrola López was a Spanish noble born in the Philippines.

He and his brother were born Roman Catholics and baptized inside the San Augustin Church in Manila.

On 1739, his father abdicated the throne and passed the governing powers of the southern barangays to him and his older brother Fernando de Carlos. He received his father's silver-inlaid Sulayman Salakot, a traditional Tagalog-headdress that had been worn by his forefathers who were ruling sultans of Manila (starting from Rajah Sulayman) and his father's kris sword was given to his older brother Fernando, which also forged by Rajah Sulayman was given to the sultans of Manila and was used to fight the Spanish conquistadors until the reign of their grandfather Enrique Safaruddin, the sixth sultan of Manila. This symbolized the skills and strengths of each, while Juan who received the salakot took care of diplomatic affairs in Manila, his brother took lead of the city's native police force since he had the kris sword.

In 1760, his father disappeared and was presumed to have went to Sulu and his mother and maternal grandparents took care of him in Manila. He was educated by Spanish priests and friars. Since his father's departure to his unknown faith, the Spanish authorities finally restricted the amount of control that members of the Sulayman Dynasty had, he and Fernando's governing powers were each limited to one barangay however since they were part of the Principales, they were allowed to keep their special privileges of wealth and education and were permitted to keep the respective traditions of their forefathers as he they got to continue assuming power from the throne. Juan Carlos became the cabeza of the Santa Cruz barangay in what is today the city of Pasig, and his brother became the Gobernadorcillo of Manila. Juan Carlos married a mestizo, daughter of a cabeza from Macabebe by the name of Rosalía Lorenzo. They had a daughter by the name of Catalina Carlos y Lorenzo.

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